Name: Darth Nøkæår

Rank: Dark Councillor

Tier: High 2

Background: Before his assimilation into the Eternal Sith Empire, Darth Nøkæår was a leader of a raiding civilisation, whose entire method of life relied upon looting and raiding, and farming settlements being their preferred targets; though any ship unfortunate enough to be in their territory could be attacked and raided. This continued on for a long time, before the settlement grew far too large and needed much more support that he could get through raiding farms. He instead decided to take on bigger prey, attacking larger and larger ships, until he picked a fight with a fish far too large. He attacked an Eternal Sith Empire vessel, and was captured, his home reduced to dust before his eyes before he was tossed into the eternal prisons for a year; with Sith Sorcerers constantly torturing him as lightning crawled across him and was healed without any pain relief.

This treatment eventually broke him, allowing him to be remoulded into a weapon of the Eternal Sith Empire, his dual axes used to slay the enemies of Vallkorian by the dozen. He eventually progressed to the rank of Dark Councillor, taking his own Sith Apprentice by the name of Carl. His apprentice turned out to be a traitor, who left the empire and joined the ranks of HaVoK and his allies, resulting in Nøkæår's punishment and subsequent fear of retribution; with the threat of death from Valkorian looming over him at any possible moment.

Filled with rage and pain, Nøkæår awaits the enemies of the Empire to cross him, so he can prove his loyalty to the Emperor and remove the dishonour his old Apprentice brought on him.

Speed: High D Visibility | Middle C

Abilities: Mastery of Axes, Wrist Shields, Shield Combat, and Survival Skills. High Proficiency in Martial Weapons, Environmental Conditioning, Shii-Cho, and Form V. Proficient in Mental Shielding.

Notable Force Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Force Rage. Mastery in Force Horror and Force Maelstrom. Highly Proficient in Force Lightning, Force Barrier, and Force Body. Proficient in Force Storm (Lightning Variant)

  • Balance = Chaotic Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 12,532.

Equipment: Two One-Handed Light Axes; Light Armour; Vibro Knife; One Handed Shield.

Weaknesses: Lacking high-level abilities dedicated to fighting a single target, in a 1 Vs 1 force battle, Nøkæår is likely to lose. He heavily specialises in the defeat of enemies in close-quarters combat, using abilities like Force Horror to break the morale of an enemy before slaughtering them between their dual axes. Therefore, if an enemy could resist his horror and strike while he is not expecting, it is likely to be fatal. He can lose himself to his bloodlust during combat, becoming a swirling mass of axes until he either calms down or he drains his stamina too much and collapses, unaware of his limits while in this state. Finally, the axe is only useful at the actual blade segment; and there is a large part of his weapons that are not resistant to lightsaber blades. Therefore, aiming for these segments are likely to cut his weapons in two. Particularly weak to techniques such as Dun Moch, flying off the handle easily.