Name: Titan Basilisk Droid

Rank: Battle Droid

Tier: High 0

Background: Can be found here

Speed: Middle A Travel Speed when flying | Middle A Visibility | Low A Combat Speed

Abilities: The Mastery in Mental Shielding, Deception and Manipulation; Extreme Mastery in Flight, Slicing, and Ship Boarding; it will not miss unless you are faster than it

  • Had a self-destructive energy core device stated to be powerful enough to disintegrate an entire Solar System

Equipment: Deflector Shield that does not even flicker from a shot from a Series-8 "Super-Heavy MAC"; 2 Heavy Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles stored in its back; Laser Cannon on its right arm powerful enough to overwhelm the tutaminis of Master Yoda; 4 standard intercontinental ballistic missiles that can be launched from its left arm; 10 Anti-aircraft guns on either shoulder; Infantry storage within; standard EMP resistance; Mass Density Projector; Force Nullification Generator; 10 Quad Turbolaser Batteries spread all over its chest and back; 20 Dual Turbolaser Cannons spread all over its body; Jet Propulsion; Highly Intelligent AI system, likely the most non-tactical AI to ever exist; Highly advanced sensor system; Thick Beskar Armour

Weaknesses: Despite all of this, the Titan Basilisk Droid can be defeated. It is vulnerable to EMPs at significant power, and when it fires its ICBMs, the shield must deactivate for the 30 second launch sequence. Standing at 120 metres tall, it is a very easy sight to see and thus cannot hide in the battlefield. It cannot visually track those faster than it, and thus will dismiss them as non-combatants. Its sensor cannot pick up those using a Force Cloak, and thus skilled Force sensitives can sneak past it. While it cannot be hacked, if one were to breach inside and find the central processor, the use of Mechu Deru could be used to shut down some of its systems. It cannot use its weapon systems while its shield is at full power, thus must lower them to the power within the range of normal spacecraft.