Name: Hondo Ohnaka


Tier: Low 2

Background: Hondo Ohnaka is a crime lord and a pirate, captain of the Ohnaka Gang. Originally from the planet Sriluur, he managed to build his pirate empire from the ground up, and is now one of, if not the most, notorious pirate of the outer rim.

During the Clone Wars, Hondo's influence was at a peak, and his actions were daring and impressive, such as capturing the Confederacy leader Count Dooku, as well as 2 Jedi, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Soon after this, he got into an alliance with the newly formed Shadow Collective, being the "freest" of its subgroups, often prioritizing his own interest above those of the criminal collective. The Shadow Collective later became the Galactic Syndicate, led by Havok, and Hondo decided to keep his alliance in place profiting from the easy connections this owed him.

After the formation of the Galactic Syndicate, Hondo's empire was in near constant expansion, flourishing and profiting. He had set Florrum as his base of operations for a while, and it remained this way until the Confederacy of Independent Systems launched an attack on the planet, destroying it. Thankfully for Hondo, he and his gang were able to react fast enough to barely loose anything, bar the planet itself, and they retreated to another location they had previously pillaged and conquered: Lok. The Ohnaka Gang set up their new base on Lok, unknown to the galaxy, and they resumed their pirate operations.

A few months after their relocation, the Ohnaka Gang also seized Llanic, a nearby shadow-port, as an official base of operations. From then on, Hondo's influence was even greater than before, and it has become a common occurrence that Hondo engages in business with big names of the underworld, as well as rivals of the Syndicate, such as the Republic, Eternal Empire, or even CIS.

Speed: Low C Visibility | Middle D Combat Speed

Abilities: The Mastery in Luck. Extreme Mastery of Martial Weapons, Manipulation, Mental Shielding, and Deception. Mastery of Blaster Pistols, Improvised Sabre Combat, and Ground Vehicles. High Proficiency in Improvised Hand-to-Hand Combat. Skilled in Throwing Knives.

Equipment: The Master of the Weequay Blaster Pistol; Electropole; Cutlass

Weaknesses: Hondo will do a lot to get on top of a deal, almost anything. If Hondo sees a winning bargain, he will take the offer. Though Hondo will always try to haggle. Hondo, despite times of wayward morality, seems to hold a personal code; as well as doing the right thing on occasion. As such, forcing Hondo into a situation where he would have to violate his own code of conduct may force him into a defeat. Hondo, despite keeping a strong hold of his pirates, cannot convince his subordinates of everything. Those serving under the Weequay could be convinced to turn against their captain for the right bargain. Hondo has a deep passion for collecting antiques and such desires could be used against him.