Name: Clarr'ira'iziri

Rank: Head of House Clarr

Tier: High 1


Speed: Middle B Combat Speed

Abilities: The Master of self-made hand-to-hand combat style; The Mastery in Camouflage, Mental Shielding, Chiss Sabre Combat, and Stealth Generators. Extreme Mastery in Deception and Hunting/Tracking. Mastery of Throwing Knives, Espionage, Dagger Combat, Sniper Rifles, Carbines, Traps, Jetpacks, and Blaster Pistols; Highly Proficient in Chiss Hand-to-Hand, Ground Vehicles, Throwables, Traps, and Explosives. Proficient in Slicing, Charric Maser Pistols, Charric Maser Carbines, Charric Maser Rifles, Charric LMG’s, and Chemistry.

Equipment: Chiss Assassin Daggers; 2 Chiss Assassin Blades; Custom Chiss Assassin Armour; Extreme Mastery with Charric Sniper Rifle; 2 Concussion Grenades; 2 Smoke Grenades; Hidden Boot Knife laced with poison; Chiss Assassin Stealth Field Generator

Weaknesses: His overconfidence is his complete and utter downfall. All those who hold extreme power that has never been contested are arrogant to immeasurable degrees, and Clarr'ira'iziri fits the bill. They will engage anyone and anything, even if the situation proves to be futile. This does not mean they will go about it recklessly, but they would engage in an assassination attempt on Master Yoda if asked, not realising how futile it would be. They will not compromise their identity no matter what, and will go to great lengths to keep it a secret. Finally, they are utterly socially inept. One could convince Clarr'ira'iziri’s troops to turn against him, on the basis of how uncharismatic and cold they are.

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