Name: Darth Aquarius

Rank: Sith Lord

Tier: High 2

Background: Aquarius is an experiment who was created many hundreds of years ago by a senior alchemist within the Eternal Empire. This warrior is Darth Aquarius. There was 7 full prototypes of Aquarius which were deemed failures and have now been destroyed along with several other prototypes which only small parts of the final version. After being created, and having his appearance based off a combination of Lannik and Myneyrsh, he had 13,210 Midichlorians infused into him. Then, Aquarius began his training.

He trained long and hard for many years and when the Eternal Empire entered the Universe of Prophecy he came with them and has been completing several long and extremely secretive missions for The Dark Council, he has proven himself in their eyes and has been summoned back to Zakuul by The Dark Council where it is expected he will be given the title of Sith Lord and be allowed to roam as free as possible, for now.

Speed: High C

Abilities: Extreme Strength and Durability. Enhanced Senses. Low-Level Energy Resistant Skin. Extreme Mastery in Custom Hand-to-Hand Style. Mastery in Jar’Kai. Highly Proficient in Mental Shielding, Deception, Material Instinct, Ataru, and Juyo. Proficient in Blaster Pistols.

Notable Force Abilities: Highly Proficient in Pre-Banite Sith Lord Abilities.

  • Balance: Chaotic Fallen. Midichlorian Count: 13,210.

Equipment: Darth Aquarius’s 2 Lightsabers; EE Blaster Pistol; Sith Robes.

Weaknesses: Aquarius, due to their enhanced senses, is extremely vulnerable to sonic-based attacks. Attacks such as these could temporarily deafen Aquarius and make him vulnerable. Aquarius, despite their name, is extremely fearful of bodies of water, compounded by their inability to float or swim. Casting the Sith into a body of water would render them panicked and useless as they sink to the bottom. Aquarius can fall into fits of animal rage when those close to him get threatened, as a reaction to their time as a labrat, and they can only be calmed by those who the Sith considers to be close to them. In this state, the Sith could be easily exploited and defeated by a mindful and well-thought strategy. Aquarius has less talent in lightsaber combat or force abilities, so engaging from a long-range is a recommended strategy.