Name: Thariz Duun

Rank: Vassal of the Coiled King

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Thariz Duun, by unknown means, ended up on the planet of Malachor III; to which he lived there for his entire life. Thariz was extremely naturally talented in the usage of the Force, being able to use techniques such as Force Drain. Due to his presence on Malachor, an extreme number of Sith Spirits, including the likes of Darth Nihilus, consistently whispered in his head; to the point that the Dark Side was the only thing he knew.

It was later he was found by Darth Ferous, and extracted off the planet to be the Sith's apprentice, with Thariz being introduced to strange new technologies and ways of life. However, he soon abandoned Ferous, and eventually was discovered by Ectherid, the Great Devourer. Sensing his strength, Ectherid recruited Thariz, and took him to Jakku to rendezvous with the rest of Vassals; also removing the whispering spirits within his head.

Thariz was part of the operation to capture the Void being GLARE, and the two formed an extremely close bond, with Thariz becoming the synthetic creature's favourite being; the two spending a great deal of time together.

Speed: Middle C

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Mental Shielding, Survival Skills, and Environmental Conditioning. Mastery in Animal Handling and Traps. Highly Proficient in Throwables, Spears, Throwing Knives, and Camouflage. Proficient in Improvised Hand-to-Hand and Crafting. Skilled in Martial Weapons.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery in Tutaminis, Force Lightning, standard Basic Dark Side abilities, Force Drain, Alter Environment and Force Plague. Highly Proficient in Deadly Sight, Force Listening, Force Wave, and Force Barrier. Proficient in Shatterpoint.

  • Balance = Neutral Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 19,345.

Equipment: Thariz's Spear

Weaknesses: Due to his upbringing in the mountains on his own, Thariz does not know anything about technology. Lightsabers are a foreign concept to him, as are blasters and spaceships and all such technological things. As such, literally anyone could draw a blaster on him and he would not register the threat. And while he has experience with martial weapons, he would not know how to fight a combatant who can fight back. The art of combat is foreign to him.

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