Name: Skytrooper

Rank: Battle Droid

Tier: Middle 4

Background: Skytroopers were a model of battle droid produced and used by the Eternal Empire. Manufactured in factories on the planet Zakuul and aboard Star Fortresses, Skytroopers replaced the vast majority of organic soldiers in Zakuul's military. Each standard Skytrooper was equipped with a blaster rifle and rocket boosters built into the rear of its torso, though some elite Skytroopers were of a three-legged model with weapons mounted on the arms. Skytroopers were also equipped with flamethrowers, using them to attempt to burn down obstacles in their way.

After the Eternal Empire moved to the Universe of Prophecy, production of Skytroopers continued in full.

Speed: High H Combat Speed

Abilities: Proficient in Blaster Rifles, Throwables and Jetpacks.

Perk: New Upgrade

  • When fighting organics, the Skytroopers get a +1 tier increase to their speed for the first 20 minutes of the event.

Equipment: YV-24 Starforged Blaster Rifle; Skilled in Flamethrower; Rocket Boosters; 2 Thermal Detonator.

Weaknesses: The Skytroopers are robots, and as such, are limited by their programming. They could not act outside the confines of their orders, as this would make many in the GAR and the Confederacy to refer to them as “dumb” robots, with some clones citing that “at least clankers were funny”. Furthermore, the Skytroopers were laughably easy to hack into and reprogram, with even a novice slicer being able to turn the Skytroopers to their team if they got access. Lastly, one does not need to convince Eternal Troopers to shoot Skytroopers, and as such, manipulating a situation where both types of Eternal Infantry are together would play itself out, with the number whittling down themselves.

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