Name: Computer Model Z-01

Rank: Experimental Chikaaran Commander

Tier: High 1

Background: The Model Z computers were created at the Cras research facility after the fall of the Empire. These are the most advanced droids that were ever made, having lightning fast responses, analyses, and decision making. There are few Model Zs in existence. Both are quite sentient as well, with the same zero-restrictions feature of the Model M computers.

Z-01 was the first official model. Surprisingly, and unlike ZA and ZB - he was not psychopathic. Similar in design to a Model L droid, they have been upgraded. Using a modified - albeit unstable - version of the Model M processor, Z-01 has lighting fast reflexes, thinking and decision making. Z-01 doesn't generally see much action in combat, as he is LOST's right hand man for running 'errands' and more secretive missions.

Speed: Low B

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Chikaaran Hand-to-Hand, Slicing, Mechanical Mind, Crafting, Chikaaran Blaster Palms, and Chikaaran Plasma Sword Combat. Mastery in all Chikaaran Weapons, Pattern Recognition, Weapon Instinct, Deception, Manipulation, Explosives, Chemistry, and Combat Assimilation.

Equipment: Quantum Dark Energy Processor; Force field projectors (20 feet range); Six Experimental Chikaaran Blaster Palms; Chikaaran Realistic Hologram Projectors.

Weaknesses: Z-01 has 0 conceptual understanding of what the Force is, to the point that even after learning about it, it has no way to predict or adapt to it. Thus, Force Users are at a great advantage against Z-01, with usage of the Force making the droid defensive and unsure of itself. As such, pressing Force-based attacks over blasters and lightsabers is a sure way to gain an advantage against the droid, and even defeat it. Finally, the droid can be disabled against a strong EMP blast or burst, overloading its systems and allowing one to defeat it.

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