Name: Mand'alor the Champion

Rank: Mand'alor

Tier: Low 1

Background: Near Farr is the current Mand’alor and leader of Clan Farr in Fracture. He is a Zabraak male who was abandoned by his father, Darth Maul in the wild planet of Mandalore, where he was picked up and trained by the Mandalorians. Near quickly defined himself and stood out in his aggressive combat style, fueled by the rage of the betrayal of his own father. Yet he still believed in becoming better, he south to become a historian in Clan Farr.

Knowing Clan Farr’s ties to the Sith and brutal tactics that took back to the Old Republic Era, Near grew disillusioned with his clan, however he believed in change, so he actively south to change his people, changing his desired career to a politic/military career. Near Farr eventually joined the Mandalorian Protectors under Fenn Shysa, and worked hard to keep his honour, although he stood out yet again for being so aggressive, he was let off with the excuse of his pent up rage. Soon after he joined the Protectors, the True Mandalorians and the Protectors assisted the Confederacy of Independent Systems, though near worked primarily, against the Deathwatch, who desired to control Mandalore, Near sought to demand Satine to allow him and his men through to find and destroy Deathwatch, however Satine refused to indulge war into Mandalore once more and demanded Near Farr to return to exile with the rest of the warriors.

This course of action allowed the Mandalorian Protectors be more independent from the war, with droid help from the Confederacy, and declare a war on Maul and his followers soon after Vizsla’s death, claiming “The deathwatch had betrayed all of the morals and principles the Mandalorian people stood for” this war allowed Near and Shysa to get ahead of the Deathwatch but soon not anymore, when the Deathwatch became number 1 gang in the galaxy, making them more dangerous and precise. The Mandalorian Protectors soon found themselves fighting a second front when the Nite Owls resurfaced as their own faction. With the Deathwatch merging into the Crime Syndicate known as The Shadow Collective, Near found himself a promotion and further focus into the war. Unfortunately not soon after, the Mandalorian Protectors had found themselves cornered and mostly destroyed, which drew Near Farr to fight on his own for a long while, taking control of a cell of Mandalorian Protectors and defecting the main army, withdrawing himself from the narrative

Near Farr, outraged by the "Death" of his brothers decided to become a Ghost, along with his cell of Mandalorian Protectors and hunt down Deathwatch and Nite Owls in small groups, eliminating them bit by bit, eventually hiring more hands and hunting bigger groups and so on, Deathwatch came to fear him and his peers eventually, as well as the Nite Owls, however Maul and Bo remained unamused by his behaviour. Once the war came to an end and the Empire swooped into Mandalore Near Farr retreated to the shadows and remained there to retreat and regroup with his forces, to make more sensible and calculated attacks against the scattered Shadow Collective and the Nite Owls. Near heard about Sabine and the rebels even went as far as to assist the rebels in different occasions with men in planets he controlled, becoming a friend to General Sydulla, Commander Bly among other Rebels, however he grew to realize the Mandalorian Sabine was part of House Wren, one of the 3 main clans of Deathwatch, and from that moment on didn't trust her any longer. So soon as Fenn Shysa took Mandalore back, Near Farr returned to assist an old friend.

Near noticed that as time went by Fenn Shysa grew tired of the war, with Deathwatch suddenly disappeared and Bo Katan attempting to contact the True Mandalorians, Near found himself calling to his more political part of himself, plotting his rise to power. He soon convinced Fenn to let go of the mantle of Mand'alor and grant it to Bo Katan, who seemed so desperate to finally have peace and become leader of the people. This, was the first step to his brilliant plan soon to develop. Near as soon as he took over Mandalore for himself, reached out to Mandalorian cells outside of Mandalore and openly sought to unite all clans against the Empire and the New Republic, behind the back of the brilliant Thrawn and mighty Lord Vader, Near knew he was in the Lion's den and anything was bound to happen next.

Speed: Low B Combat Speed

Abilities: The Mastery in Deception, Rocket Boots, Espionage, Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand, Spears, and Manipulation. Extreme Mastery in Aerial Hand-to-Hand Combat, Weapon Instinct, Mandalorian Protector Hand-to-Hand, Mandalorian Sabre Combat, and Mental Shielding. Mastery in Stealth Generators, all weapon types, Street Hand-to-Hand Combat, Throwables, Jetpacks, and Ground Vehicles. Highly Proficient in Explosives. Proficient in Survival Skills. Skilled in Lasat Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Equipment: Mand’alor the Champion’s Armour; Cloaking Device; 2 Wrist Vibroblades; 2 Fully Upgraded Vambraces with: Flamethrowers, Wrist Rockets, and Whistling Birds; Grappling Hook; Beskar Jetpack; Jetboots; Beskar Spear; 2 Mandalorian Rippers; Mandalorian Assault Rifle.

Weaknesses: The Champion is too focused on saving his people to account for other things in battle, each outcome he attempts to achieve must be in the interests of the people of Mandalore. Not only does this make him somewhat dismissive and to misjudge his enemies in combat, but he also is easy to manipulate if one can find the right bait in relation to his planet. In fact, one could go so far as to manipulate a scenario where Mand’alor the Champion sacrifices himself for the people of Mandalore, and thus no work is needed to actually best him in combat.