Name: Reno

Rank: Dark Acolyte

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Reno was an experiment created by Verpine Bio-Scientist native to the Roche Asteroid Field. They trained Reno to become a highly skilled Verpine before sending him out where Reno eventually became a bounty hunter.

Over his years as a bounty hunter, Reno gained a reputation for fighting many bizarre creatures and taking up bounties most wouldn’t. Rumours spread throughout the Outer Rim who Reno was and he became a sure-fire person to hire. After getting captured by Wookiees and escaping, Reno took up a bounty to kill one of the original Sith Juggernauts on the planet Zakuul. Reno's bounty was successful and he collected his pa, though this was just the beginning.

After killing the Sith Juggernaut, Reno was captured by the Eternal Sith Empire for murder, and was incarcerated. Reno was tortured by the Dark Council but eventually, through the rage of the pain and anguish, Reno escaped in a rage. However, during the escape, Reno's comrade Zeke died in front of his eyes; turning Reno to the Dark Side in its full capacity. Wanting Zeke to have a proper funeral, Reno protected a few survivors of the Raid to take Zeke's body while he defended him, which got Reno captured once again.

A Sith Lord, under the name “Darth Interitus”, visited the prison a month into Reno's incarceration, and took Reno as his Sith apprentice.

Speed: Low C

Abilities: Naturally Strong Skin. Beyond Peak Human Strength. Very Low Regeneration. Mastery in Slicing, Hunting/Tracking, Mechanical Mind, Whips, Slugthrowers, Crafting, and Mental Shielding. Highly Proficient in Deception, Throwables, Explosives, Ground Vehicles, Improvised Hand-to-Hand, Espionage, and Traps. Proficient in Blaster Pistols, Animal Handling, Environmental Conditioning, Survival Skills, Niman, Jar'Kai, Unrefined Shii-Cho, and Unrefined Form V. Begun Training in Spears, Ataru, and Staffs.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery in Force Valour and Art of Movement. Highly Proficient in Force Wind and Inertia. Skilled in Force Crush, Force Destruction, Farsight, Force Speed, Force Lightning, and Force Wave. Begun Training in Saber Throw, Force Barrier, and Force Repulse.

  • Balance = Chaotic Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 11,358.

Equipment: Scattergun; Verpine Fibre Mesh Armour underneath Covert-Energy Armour; Zal Alloy Mesh Gauntlets with: Skilled in Additional Mounted Flamethrower, Grappling Hook; Hostler that carries: 4 Custom Verpine Shatter Pistols; Cowboy Bandolier with: 1 Poison Throwing Dart, 1 Magnetic Thermal Grenade, 1 Gas Canister, 1 Sonic Grenade; Utility Belt with: 2 Bola, 2 Kolto & Stim Shots, Verpine Blaster Pistol, Slicing Tools, Slugthrower Repair Kit, Multitool, and Ammunition; Custom Recon Droid; 2 Lightwhips.

Weaknesses: Reno thinks he is good at using a lightsaber, and this arrogance can be exploited by the likes of a particularly cunning amoeba. Manipulating Reno into using Shii-Cho or Form V is a strong strategy, as anyone with an actual understanding of these forms is likely to tear through him quickly, and furthermore, Reno is likely to hurt himself with the forms if he does not concentrate on them at all times. With a focus on his verpine weapons, use of AOE defensive Force abilities would go a long way in rendering him nearly useless on that front. Reno’s force capabilities are lacklustre at best and defeating him in a contest of those sorts would be a strong strategy to obtain victory.