Force User Jargon

  • Tutaminis and Force Deflection are energy-based absorption techniques that Force Users employ to protect themselves. The difference between the two is as follows:

    • Tutaminis - Absorbing the energy into yourself and harmlessly dissipating it. This is shown by Yoda ABSORBING the lighting of Dooku on Geonosis

    • Force Deflection - Physically diverting the attack in any direction. This is shown by Yoda THROWING the Lightning back at Dooku on Geonosis

These are the levels at which the techniques can operate:

  • Highly Proficient - Can Absorb Blasters Pistols

  • Mastery - Can Absorb Higher Level Blasters and Blaster Cannons, etc. Average Explosives, like Grenades

  • Extreme Mastery - Average Turbolasers and Lightsabers

  • The Mastery - Higher End Turbolasers and Explosives

  • The Master - Yes

For a force energy technique to overcome a Deflection or Tutaminis, it must be at a level higher. Equal levels of the offending and defending technique will result in a power struggle, as seen with Sidious vs Yoda. If the offending energy technique is levels lower than the defending techniques, it will be unable to overwhelm the defence, as seen with Yoda vs Dooku.

  • Force Abilities and Bladework cannot be used in conjunction unless one is at Extreme Mastery at the level of the Form, or they are using Form Six (Niman).

By conjunction, what is meant is that you cannot swing and use the Force openly at the same time (augmentation powers such as Speed and Valour are still allowed). You can however hold your lightsaber passively and use the Force.

  • Jar’Kai and Saberstaffs work as such: For the sake of example, let us assume the saberstaff level is at Mastery.

  • If your character has a lightsaber form above your saberstaff level (in this case, Extreme Mastery, The Mastery, or The Master), you can only use that form WHILE using a saberstaff at mastery level.

  • If your character has a lightsaber form below your saberstaff level (let's say skilled for our example), then you can only use that form WHILE using a saberstaff at the level of the form itself (in our case, it would be at Skilled).

  • Differences between Force Sense, Force Sight, Farsight, Precognition, and Battle Precognition

  • Force Sense

    • Force Sense gives vague feelings in the Force (ie. Obi-Wan sensing the destruction of Alderaan) and allows one to detect lifeforms in the Force nearby. Does not work on droids. Can give vague feelings of impending danger, but not as reactionary or reliable as Farsight.

  • Force Sight

    • Force Sight allows blind people to see the world around them, and allow Jedi to see things that cannot be seen (i.e. the scene of Luke in ANH, blocking the shots from the remote with the visor down). It has been added as a universal standard.

  • Farsight

    • Farsight is being able to tell if something is wrong around the galaxy (i.e. Palpatine sensing Vader was in danger after his loss on Mustafar). In combat, it is used to get general ideas of what your opponent is going to do, and if something may affect the battle (a hidden sniper shot for example, that the user can then block). It is not a direct image however, more the Force telling you like "Hey, something is up with this!" or "Quick, you need to block the danger to your right!". You won't know what is coming, just that something is coming.

  • Precognition

    • Precognition is the ability to see things that will happen in the future. Through the Force, one is able to predict and see the future while in a state of calm, meditation, or non-combat. This ability CANNOT be used in combat.

      Say, for example, a Force User is in front of three doors. They could focus on Precognition and see what will happen if they go through each door, or the future in relation to doors; thus allowing them to avoid danger. It should also be noted that Force-based Precognition can often be vague, leaving a lot of it up to misinterpretation.

  • Battle Precognition

    • Battle Precognition is being able to see exactly what is going to happen in battle (i.e. getting a brief vision mid battle that a massive force lightning blast is coming to your right). It is like the battle side of Farsight, but much more detailed (though perhaps sometimes at the cost of being more easily manipulated).