Name: Fay

Rank: Jedi Councillor

Tier: Middle 0

Background: Fay was a centuries-old, female near-Human Jedi Master who was known to have had an intensely strong connection with the Force which allowed her to retain a youthful appearance. She was one of several legendary wandering Jedi Masters whose exploits were known throughout the Jedi Order.

Not believing that she was destined to teach, she left the Core and began roaming the Outer Rim worlds. For many centuries Fay allowed the Force to guide her to where she was needed, and as a result, was known to have resolved many conflicts, and even ended entire wars. During the Clone Wars she felt the Force guide her to the planet Queyta, where she rendezvoused with a number of other Jedi Masters, including Obi-Wan Kenobi, to recover a vital antidote needed for a deadly new chemical weapon. The ensuing mission resulted in Fay and the other Jedi encountering the Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress and Durge, a 2,000-year-old bounty hunter. During the confrontation, Fay fought with Ventress, but following an intense explosion, Ventress severely wounded the Jedi Master, though was soundly defeated by her.

Fay later recovered, and accepted a request to join the Jedi Council after the Day of Chaos.

Speed: Low A

Abilities: The Master of Temple Hand-to-Hand. The Mastery of Deception, Manipulation, Animal Handling, Mental Shielding, Environmental Conditioning, Survival Skills, Mechanical Mind, Ground Vehicles, and Camouflage. Extreme Mastery of Dun Moch. Skilled in Shii-Cho and Soresu.

Notable Force Abilities: The Master of Life Extension, Transfer Force, Revitalise, and Farsight. The Mastery in Standard Jedi Master Abilities, Force Body, Force Deflection, Tutaminis, Force Barrier, Force Illusion, Wall of Light, Force Enlightenment, Force Valour, and all branches of Telekinesis.

  • Balance = 0. Midichlorian Count = 19,036.

Equipment: Fay's Robes.

Weaknesses: Fay does not carry a lightsaber, or any weapons for that matter, instead relying on the Force. While she makes up for her lack of blade by a longshot, it is still a glaring weakness. If any lightsaber combatant were to sneak up on her, she would have no way of dealing with them, and they would likely kill her. If a lightsaber combatant were to get close, she would struggle to deal with them greatly. Finally, Fay will always do what she can to help those around her, following the Jedi Way. This makes her manipulatable, allowing one to drive her actions to help the innocent.

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