"It's all fun and games until a 7-foot tall gorilla alien launches itself at you through the air at extreme speeds..."

The Lasat, similarly to the Sangheili, use their physical stature rather than anything else. Though unlike the Sangheili, they are nowhere as close to being able to charge through force like they are. As such, the Lasat rely on tackles and pinning with sheer physical force to defeat their opponents, using their feet as well to grab opponents. They do not typically tend to strike low, instead aiming for what would be a typical human’s head and upper chest in order to achieve the most force.

[I would imagine given the force behind it, it doesn't really matter where they punch you. I would hate to meet such a being on the battlefield - Un'duro]

The style is moderately slow, but this is made up for in strength. Due to the nature of the Lasat, the style also involves lunges, being able to cross a great amount of distance in a short amount of time, surprising their opponents. If their physical strength is negated, the style can greatly fall apart.