Name: Bo-Cin'tra Aguvyu Kryze

Rank: Dark Councillor

Tier: High 2

Background: Meræ was a very kind-hearted but easily enraged Mirialan Force sensitive and the later forsaken Apprentice of the former Sith Lord and Fallen Jedi Arye Prays. From the early stages of her life she showed great power, being able to use the abilites of Psychometry and Comprehend Speech without teachings of anyone and soley learnings from herself. At the age of twenty she mastered various aspects of the ability Telekinesis, which she heavily relied on with her main Lightsaber form being the Telekinetic Lightsaber Technique she inherited from her master. After the gain of the Force Ability of Alter Image, she used it frequently to hide her cybernetic arm and disguising her for many missions.

Never knowing her parents she grew up on Mandalore and trained in the martial arts and traits of their culture. But even her royal standard among House Kryze didnt help againt the other clans viewing her as an outsider. After living twenty standard years on Mandalore and her adoptive father dying beside her, she exiled herself by leaving the planet unknown to anyone, leaving her three sisters to fight over hegemony of the planet.

Following the The Clone Wars she was heavily bound to her new Master Darth Gonk and later, given he retrieved his body, Arye "GNK" Prays. After her ascendence into the newly formed Eternal Empire she fought in the first Eternal Empire Conquest against the Corporate Sector and later against the Second Eternal Alliance consisiting of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and The Galactic Republic. Into the first months of the Corporate Sector occupation she left Zakuul to explore a part of the Esstran Sector, commonly known as Sith Sector with her later Husband Darth Nebarius.

Ultimately she achieved the rank of Sith Lady after a successful conquest of the planet of Candomai Prime in 20 BBY, led by her, being given the name Darth/Lady Meræ.

Speed: Middle C | High D

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Mental Shielding. Mastery in Jetpacks and Saberstaffs. Highly Proficient in Jar’Kai, Form V, Telekinetic Lightsaber Technique, Blaster Rifles, Blaster Pistols, Shotguns, Slugthrowers, Sniper Rifles, Blaster Carbines, and Throwables. Proficient in Survival Skills, Ground Vehicles, and Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand. Skilled in Weapon Instinct. Begun training in Tràkata.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery in Force Push & Pull, Memory Walk, Force Lift and Force Grip, Comprehend Speech, Highly Proficient in Force Crush, Psychometry, Empathy, and Mind Rub. Proficient in standard pre-Banite Sith Apprentice Dark Side abilities, Alter Image, Force Barrier, Force Valour, Farsight, Force Tempest, and Force Choke. Skilled in Force Storm (Lightning), Spear of Midnight Black, and Force Body. Begun training in Force Stasis and Force Whirlwind.

  • Balance = Neutral Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 13,290.

Equipment: Bo-Cin’tra’s Dual lightsabers, 3 Spare Lightsabers, Beskar Armour; Jetpack, Vambraces

Weaknesses: Growing up with the Mandalorians, Bo-Cin’tra is heavily bound to her Mandalorian Values and customs. She is also physically weak, a stronger force user can overpower her in any Lightsaber-lock situation or against a Form V user. Seeing as she is also a Form V user, she will likely end up in strength-on-strength fights against other users of the form, of which she will typically use. Prone to overconfidence, not scared of picking fights with stronger opponents, even if she knows that they are stronger, this can lead to her engaging someone she cannot beat.