"The streets of Japan are a dangerous place, trust me on that..."

One name comes to mind as I place my pen on the paper. Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy. Un’duro thinks that is a silly name, but he wouldn’t say that had he seen what I had seen.

[If I had her name, I would legally change my name before someone could finish saying the words Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy, which quite frankly isn't an achievement - Un'duro]

Street Hand-to-Hand has one goal and one goal only. To win. In a way, it is the raw expression of that innate human desire to overcome a challenge or scenario; and furthermore the desire to survive, arguably the most powerful instinct of all. And while that may seem uncustomary for a Jedi to fall back on, is it not the same as my application of Vaapad? Or a Jedi’s resolve when facing an opponent with a red blade?

Throwing sand in an opponent’s eye, causing them to look the other way, pretending one is defeated, feints, trickery, aiming for weak or exposed points; I find it amusing that this section followed my write-up of the Echani, but I digress. Street Hand-to-Hand will utilise the environment to the extreme, and any situation presented to it; all in order to win and come out on top. And one could argue, that is just a utilisation of the options and manifestations by the Force itself. The greater one is at this technique, the less telegraphed such techniques are, and the more effective they are upon their execution.

I greatly admire Tallisibeth in the end, for this Hand-to-Hand is only used by those who know what it means to lose, and know their duty cannot allow such an outcome for the fate of others. I hope Tallisibeth discovers that in the end…