"These days, I use Teräs Käsi to eat as much as I want and convert it all to muscle automatically more than I do to punch things"

Teräs Käsi, control and mastery of the self. The author has written a lot about this, so allow me to extrapolate and describe the texts.

Basically translating to “Steel Hands”, Teräs Käsi emphasises the strength of the punch, and the piston-like movements in combination with this allows it to be an extremely deadly technique. The technique has a key element of the actual mindset of application to it, controlling the body with the mind. Going beyond a fighting style, the technique apparently can even slow bleeding, and heal wounds at a slow pace. Though that last part is more of an extension of the meditative side of Teräs Käsi, something that is vital when learning.

The author describes that if one were to truly extend the principles of Teräs Käsi, one could go as far to control every cell in their body; though we will not be talking about this, more so of the fact of my own disbelief and it being an extrapolation, rather than the art itself.

[I am starting to think the author was not as wise as many of us credited him as, given this paragraph in contrast to the quote above... - Un'duro]

Focusing mental energy to the self, Teräs Käsi is a trance-like state, and as the author points out, this makes it dangerous to use. Losing the self in instinct can do a miracle in a fight, especially against Jedi who lose a lot of their precognition from such a state, but it can easily be exploited against the self; hurting the user and potentially those around them.

When one has mastered control of the self, they are able to punch into steel, rip through body armour, anticipate strikes, reposition in mid-air, and move as a blur. The technique emphasises getting extremely close and personal, utilising hands, feet, blades, elbows, more blades, and sticks. While also holding the key four ranges of engagement: grappling range, elbowing range, punching range, and kicking range. All four are a different stance to Teräs Käsi, a different manner in which to approach it that should fluidly flow into one another to a flurry of dangerous attacks.

Teräs Käsi naturally increases one’s speed as well, something Master Plo liked to emphasise to me during our spars, or rather, to my bruised jaw. There are many techniques to Teräs Käsi, though perhaps they do not hold significance in comparison to the core tenets of the technique.

[Honestly, if I was a man with less patience and crippling insecurities, I'd probably learn Teräs Käsi for the increase in speed as well - Un'duro]