"'Gah, I'm so whiny and angry about how unfair life is and I am going to show you this through my blade' is how I imagine every Rakatan Forcesaber user wills the blade to ignite"

Rakatan Force Saber Combat, from what I can tell, is remarkably similar to Juyo. It has the same principles; a surrender of one’s self to emotion and the raw tides of the Force, each strike flowing and brimming with an uncontrolled storm of feeling.

However, there is one key difference. Due to the nature of the Force Saber itself, the blade is an entirely different factor. With this, Juyo loses its ability to tackle multiple opponents, often shackling the user to single combat. And to disengage from this is a mental task within itself, one that interrupts the staccato of unpredictability that is Juyo. This happens as the blade almost becomes its own entity, one fuelling a power to the Dark Side and channelling it.

However, the benefit of this is clear. Rakatan Force Saber Combat is not possible to predict in single combat, not by Force-based Precognition and Farsight, not by a fundamental prediction mindset. I am not sure anything could predict it. Only the most raw of reflexes and senses, as a response, can counter it. The blade itself is alive, a separate entity. The best way a user of Rakatan Force Saber Combat can be countered, from my understanding and that of the author’s experience, is to go on the aggressive. While a tough fight it will be, if one relies on their skill and senses, a user of Rakatan Saber Combat can be beaten.