Name: Torrent

Rank: Vassal of the Coiled King

Tier: Middle 3

Background: Torrent, originally known as ARC-2119 "Bouncer" was a Beta-class ARC Trooper who served in the 332nd Legion before his desertion from the Grand Army of the Republic. Upon being transferred to the Third Systems Army from the Special Operations Brigade, Bouncer was surprised by the lax and decidedly unprofessional behaviour being exhibited in comparison to other GAR units. As a result of the behaviour around him, his own behaviour gradually shifted and became less professional than it had been previously.

One night, Bouncer got blackout drunk and made his way to the training room, where he utilized his wrist flamethrower in a fight against a few training droids, accidentally starting a small fire as a result of his reckless state. He returned to his room, unaware of the events he had just started, and quickly fell asleep. The fire was quickly put out, but not before spreading to the rest of the training room. Soon after, Anakin Skywalker broke into Bouncer's quarters by kicking the door down, and violently subdued Bouncer despite the clone being very recently unconscious. He was dragged to a holding cell, and after being woken back up, went through an interrogation that was largely unsuccessful due to the fact that he was still inebriated.

The next day, Bouncer was questioned by Grand Admiral Tarkin, and with no recollection of the previous night, vehemently denied having started any sort of fire, as he didn't believe that he would do so. Tarkin decided to put Bouncer through a training exercise with a few other troopers to test him. After the exercise, Bouncer returned to his cell where he once again defended his innocence. Tarkin called his mysterious enforcers to the cell block, and one briefly force choked Bouncer as an intimidation tactic. Bouncer still maintained his innocence nonetheless, truly believing that he wasn't guilty. Ultimately, Tarkin presented him with a choice. He could be executed, sentenced to prison for life, sent to a labour camp, or go to a "Special location" for 2 days. Bouncer chose the fourth option and was subsequently sent to a pitch-black anechoic chamber, bound to a chair. For the entire duration, he could not move, see, or hear anything. He was locked in the torture room for 2 days, undergoing severe mental stress until his release as a result.

After being let out of the torture room, Tarkin had a droid wipe Bouncer's memory of the event, though this was not entirely successful, and would later result in recurring nightmares of the incident. Having simply been dumped back in the common room, Bouncer resumed his service, going on various missions with the 3SA. This ultimately culminated in a mission conducted against pirates in the local system. Towards the end of the mission, the clone units reached the reactor room where the last of the pirates remained. A gunfight ensued, and Bouncer fired his T7 Ion Disruptor at the reactor, causing it to overload and go volatile, meaning that it would soon explode. The clones rapidly began retreating, and most made it to escape pods, save for one named "Wildcard". Upon return to the Sims, a clone named "Denal" who was close to Wildcard, received news that he didn't make it back. Upon reading the mission report and realizing that Bouncer was responsible for the reactor overload, Denal fell into a rage and began seeking him out.

Upon finding Bouncer, Denal immediately attacked him, surprising Bouncer immensely, and both were taken to the brig for questioning. The two got into an argument from their respective cells, with Denal falling even further into his rage as a result. Sometime after both were questioned, Bouncer shattered a glass cup in his cell and intentionally gave himself an incision on the neck, forcing medics to take him out of his cell and provide him with medical treatment. Once they did so and began taking him back to his cell, Bouncer knocked out one of the medics and took his pistol, then stunned the rest, disguising himself using one's armor set and quickly leaving the scene. After sneaking into the hangar command post, Bouncer stunned the clones inside and unsealed the hangar doors. Still under disguise, he made his way into the hangar and took control of an X-wing. Upon attempting to fly it out of the hangar, the X-wing was shot down and crashed on the nearby planet of Eriadu, with Bouncer miraculously surviving the crash, unknown to the 3SA.

After acquiring a ship on Eriadu and officially escaping from the GAR, Bouncer started getting recurring nightmares of his torture and traumatic experiences in the 3SA. These thoughts and memories continued plaguing his mind, until Bouncer was convinced that simply escaping from the Republic wasn't good enough, and that he needed revenge for the actions unjustly taken against him. He hatched a plan, and returned to the Sims I under the identity of ARC-2190 "Torrent". He was able to seamlessly fit in on the ship, and although Tarkin and Clone Commander "Ignis" did discover his true identity, he was able to convince them that he truly wished to fight for the Republic again, while in fact he actually intended on using his downtime to find security flaws within the ship that he could eventually exploit. Torrent continued going on missions with the 3SA in the meantime, including a mission to Karfeddion to raid a pirate base (how original...) during which an enemy blaster cannon took off his left arm. Shortly after returning to the Sims and getting properly patched up, Torrent departed to Coruscant without notice.

Once he arrived on Coruscant, Torrent spent a significant amount of time further developing his plan with the information he had gained, as well as acquiring the necessary explosives and ship. He ended up with a large amount of Rhydonium and a salvaged LAAT, both well-suited for his purposes. After acquiring a custom cybernetic arm replacement, he departed once again for the Sims. Upon arriving, he transmitted the proper clearance codes and landed in the hangar, explaining that the LAAT contained highly valuable cargo that was not to be viewed by anyone, except those of Grand Admiral rank or higher. Despite this, the hangar crew insisted on a standard security check. Torrent activated a smoke grenade on his belt and quickly dispatched of the nearby clone troopers with lethal force. He disconnected the LAAT from his X-wing and got back in the fighter, activating the explosive detonator just before he jumped into hyperspace. With the Sims I utterly destroyed and thousands of clone troopers dead in its wake, Torrent received a vision in hyperspace and changed course to Jakku, where he later met up with the clone deserter Tup and joined the Vassals of the Coiled King in a bid to reset the universe to its natural state.

Speed: Low E Combat Speed

Abilities: Beyond Peak Human Strength and Durability with Cybernetic Arm. Extreme Mastery in Ship Boarding. Mastery in Explosives and Deception. Highly Proficient in Blaster Pistols and Espionage. Proficient in Blaster Rifles, Blaster Carbines, Throwables, Jetpacks, Environmental Conditioning, Improvised Hand-to-Hand Combat, Ground Vehicles, and Sniper Rifles. Skilled in Projectors, Disruptors, Mental Shielding, Hunting/Tracking, Slicing, and Mechanical Mind.

Equipment: Highly Proficient with T7 Ion Disruptor; DC-17 Blaster Pistol; DC-15S Carbine; Modified Duraplast Beta Series-II ARC Armour; Durasteel Cybernetic Arm; 2 Thermal Detonators, 2 Smoke Grenades; 2 EMP Grenades; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool.

Weaknesses: Torrent suffers from severe PTSD due to his traumatic experiences, and as such, reminders of his past will severely throw him off in combat. Due to his success in destroying the 3SA flagship, he is extremely overconfident in his abilities and can easily be baited into combat with those far out of his league, allowing him to be easily eliminated from there. His cybernetic arm can be disabled with a targeted EMP blast, or manipulated through usage of Mechu Deru. Finally, although he believes in the goal that the Vassals possess, his actual loyalty to them is not unwavering, and a skilled manipulator could exploit his doubts to turn him against them.