Name: Thexan Tirall

Rank: Child of Zakuul

Tier: Middle 1

Background: Trained from childhood to be a warrior, alongside his brother Arcann, the son of Valkorian was a symbol of the Eternal Empire; a beloved and respected figure. Through hardship and pain Thexan toiled through, and yet he retained a kindness and logic few would after going through what he did.

Had Zakuul remained where it was, Thexan would be dead at the hands of his brother. But this was not to be, for he now sat at the top of the Eternal Empire, all but Valkorian above him. But Thexan suffered a deep wound when arriving in a new universe. He arrived without his brother.

And since then, Thexan has been missing a part of himself. But then he learnt of the Arcann which currently resided in this new universe, and Thexan wanted nothing more than to reunite with him. But nothing has been easy. Valkorian prevents them from meeting often, and Arcann himself is tied to the Jedi; and Thexan has remained alone.

Speed: Low C

Abilities: Mastery of Form IV and Form V, Zakuulan Hand-to-Hand, Mental Shielding, and Martial Weapons.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery in Force Wave, Deadly Sight, Force Repulse, Force Lightning, and Basic Dark Side abilities. Proficient in Force Barrier

  • Balance = 22. Midichlorian Count = 18,123.

Equipment: Thexan’s Lightsaber, Zakuulan Robes

Weaknesses: Thexan is a kind soul, and his empathy can be used against him. Feigning weakness or injury could allow one to exploit the lowering of a guard that follows. Thexan cares extremely deeply for his family, and will do anything to protect them. Using them against him could work out in one’s favour, as Thexan is unlikely to lash out upon even the most heinous of actions against him.