Name: ARC-2674 "Wrench"

Rank: Sergeant

Tier: High 4

Background: ARC-2574 aka "Wrench”, appeared to be a male human Beta Arc Trooper, and an engineer in the 415th Exploratory Corps. In reality Wrench was a 6870 year old shape shifting Sith-Spawn created by Sorzus Syn for unknown reasons. At an unknown date prior to 6870 BBY, Wrench was stolen and repurposed by Remulus Dreypa.

Wrench's new purpose was to seamlessly infiltrate groups that attempted to uncover the Oubliette, whether they knew what they were looking for or not. To facilitate the infiltration, Wrench's appearance altered itself. It matched whatever species and gender the group was primarily composed of.

Wrench had an additional personality encoded into him named "Knight" a more Combat focused, CQC skilled personality that was to come into play if these groups ever uncovered the Oubliette. He would to prevent them from opening it. Knight became a permanently activated within Wrench after Arye Prays pushed Wrench into the empty Oubliette in an attempt to remove the other being residing in Wrench's mind.

That being is referred to as “Cackles”, who is a representation of Dreypa within the Oubliette. Dreypa Soul-Bound Wrench to the Oubliette, resulting in their connection.

Speed: Middle G Combat Speed

Abilities: Low Regeneration. Mastery in Material Instinct, Espionage, Deception, and Mental Shielding. Highly Proficient in Way of the Hunt, Survival Skills, Environmental Conditioning, Explosives, Slicing, Mechanical Mind, Crafting, and Traps. Proficient in Clubs, Throwables, and Ground Vehicles. Skilled in Blaster Pistols, Camouflage, Hunting/Tracking, and Blaster Rifles. Begun Training in Rocket Launchers and Spears.

Equipment: Proficient with DC-17 and DC-15A; Skilled with DC-15S Carbine and DP-23 Shotgun; DC-15LE; DC-15B; DEC-9; 2 Thermal Detonators; 1 EMP grenades; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool; Duraplast Beta Series-II ARC Armour with Improved Helmet Filter; 2 Combat Knives; 2 Combat Daggers; Lightened Standard Engineering Toolkit; Thunder Wrench, with EMP-based technology attached; Helmet Mounted Electro-binoculars; 5 Smoke Grenades.

Weaknesses: Wrench is heavily reliant on his tools and tricks, and removing either or both, and he mostly falls apart in combat; being somewhat lacklustre compared to the normal ARC trooper. And without a sufficient amount of preparation on Wrench’s end, engaging him in combat is somewhat easy, given his disposition to make traps and other such mechanical items. Wrench has an abominably low self esteem, and this should be exploited by a mindful combatant, using psychological techniques to cause a breakdown. He holds guilt over his failures on Aridus, and this should be exploited by a smart combatant to cause him to falter in combat. If one can cause enough psychological stress to cause a shift to his other personality, that becomes something one can predict, and thus control the battlefield. Wrench also has cybernetics, and deactivating them could cause extreme discomfort, something to be noted for a combat scenario.