Name: Belkrin Priest-Wren

Rank: Mother

Tier: High 2

Background: Belkrin was a female Devaronian who was born during the period leading up to the beginning of the Clone wars in 22 BBY. After being raised for eight years, Belkrin was taken by a Mandalorian who was passing through her small village, the man taking a liking to her spirit. He taught her to fight, and how to survive. She then was sent to Korriban to learn further, acquiring further education and knowledge in order to move up in life.

Following the education, Belkrin joined up with the Haxion Brood of the Shadow Collective, gallivanting around with the group of ragtag mercenaries. On her last mission with the Brood, they collected a Sith Holocron which was claimed by the leader of the Brood, Rafaam. Belkrin was instructed to board The Timber Hearth with a small crew, finding the pilot to be Darth Maul, the illusive leader of the Collective. Thus began the winding journey of The Timber Hearth, as well as the budding romance between Belkrin and Maul. The crew were stuck in hyperspace for a couple weeks, over this time Belkrin reflected on her past, and got to know the others on the flight more. She learned they were heading to Concordia, to assist one of Maul's contacts in a mission shrouded in mystery.

Concordia was a short stop on the journey of life, and Belkrin did not spend much time there. She completed the mission with Maul and the others, as well as having a few turbulent confrontations with Fyst, a Dark Acolyte whom she had past dealings with personally. She slogged through those days, only making it to the next by the hope that the next one would be better. The group then went to Dathomir to speak with Mother Talzin in order to reattach Havok's limbs. Unbeknownst to Belkrin, Mother Talzin impregnated her using the force, starting her down a road to a much happier future. After Dathomir, the group made their way to Naboo in order to rescue a captive Sith that Maul said could prove useful. Once they got Diena, they had a friendly relationship and went to Teth with the intent of it being a pit stop until they headed to more friendly territory.

While on Teth Belkrin deepened her relationship with Maul, as well as discovered she was pregnant. She dealt with more of her past, as well as formulated her 'Nexus' with the assistance of Maul. Her and Maul actually started to be together by this point, both helping the other through their various problems and feelings. Their time on Teth ended when Darth Sidious arrived in a wormhole to greet his old apprentice, and direct him to Odessen, to fit into his plan. After discussion, the crew decided to go to Odessen, heading to their next destination.

Once arriving at Odessen, the group was introduced to the 3SA clones and few Jedi, Belkrin hitting it off almost immediately. A few members of the group were captured and imprisoned, but Belkrin and Maul were left alone, Belkrin continuing to talk with the Clones. Belkrin had a variety of experiences on Odessen, growing as a person from them, and partially changing her perspective on certain parts of life. Once the spirits were defeated, Belkrin and Maul left Odessen in order to retire, heading to a remote planet where they planned to raise their child in peace. However, Whirr had other plans, sending a transmission asking them to go to Saleucami in order to get a datapad. They decided to do so, and were sent to the Void.

Their time in the Void was one of celebration and learning. From Eliza getting some education, to Belkrin and Maul learning more how to be parents together, they managed to finish out well, or so they thought. Arriving at a strange base, Belkrin explored with A.L.I.C.E. before coming upon an inconceivably large army, netting herself temporary paralyzation and severe electrical injuries in the process of escaping. They were dumped into the universe unceremoniously after these injuries, a final act from A.L.I.C.E. to prevent this rider on the pale white horse from capturing her family.

Speed: High C Combat Speed

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Weapon Instinct. Mastery in Survival Skills, Custom Sabre Form, Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand Combat, Slicing, and Sniper Rifles. Highly Proficient in Hunting/Tracking, Blaster Rifles, Dagger Combat, Juyo, Blaster Pistols, Martial Weapons, Cloaking Devices, and Jetpacks. Proficient in Animal Handling, Slicing, Explosives, Mental Shielding, All Weapon Types, and Ground Vehicles. Skilled in Throwables, Pattern Recognition, and Archery. Begun Training in Dun Moch and Mechanical Mind.

Equipment: Extreme Mastery in The Cure (Custom Sniper Rifle); Mastery with Der Schwarze Tod (Custom Shotgun); Vibrorapier; Vibrosword; Vibrodagger; Mandalorian Ripper; The Dying Sun (Lightbow); 2 EMP Grenades; 2 Thermal Detonators; The Anomaly (Custom Armour); Ammunition Bag; Basic Medical Supplies; 2 Crushgaunts;

Weaknesses: Belkrin fiercely loves her family, so if one were to put Maul or Eliza in danger, Belkrin may break off combat in order to save them; even if it would mean her death if they could live. Belkrin has extensively studied the commonly known lightsaber forms, so using a custom form could throw her completely off balance.