"The Anzat are the equivalent of that one creepy individual that everyone knows, you know a person like that. Or you just know an Anzat I guess..."

The Anzati are a strange species, with an even stranger hand-to-hand combat. It incorporated an extreme amount of headbutts into the form, in an attempt to get the Anzati tentacles within reach to cause restraint or even begin a drain. The form itself also involved a large amount of climbing and grabbing the opponent, all with the intent of one thing: restraint.

The restraint of the Anzati is key, and not restraint as a Jedi would show, as in physical restraint. Once this occurred, the Anzati would be able to drain their opponent for their “soup”. As such, the Anzati style allows one to be more nimble on their feet and able to grapple and climb opponents; while also including lunges that could be seen as reckless.

[I cannot emphasise my disdain for the Anzati, given their similarities to Vampires. Quite frankly, given what we learnt and the history of the Cosmos, it is best that every bloodsucker finds a permanent residence in the ground... - Un'duro]