Name: Grogu

Rank: Jedi Initiate

Tier: High 5

Background: Grogu is of an unknown species who live in the Unknown Regions. The only contact their people have is with the Jedi Order, the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. Every 500 years, a member of Grogu's species is chosen to join the Jedi Order. Grogu was chosen, and was beginning to be escorted back to the Jedi Temple when the convoy was attacked by the Confederacy, sensing a powerful force sensitive. Grogu was placed in an escape pod by the Jedi, who stayed behind to protect his life. Even Grogu never forgot this action of bravery, despite being so young. Grogu was rescued by Master Plo Koon, who he has remained forever grateful for.

Speed: Low C Visibility | Low H Keep-Up

Abilities: None

Notable Force Abilities: Proficient in Force Grip, Force Push & Pull, Force Healing and standard Youngling Light Side abilities. Begun Training in Force Enlightenment.

  • Balance = 0. Midichlorian Count = 18,247.

Equipment: Grogu's Jedi Robes.

Weaknesses: He is literally a baby, just pick him up and throw him on his head. Or any such physical actions to this degree. Be wary of his limited force abilities, but for the most part, should be no trouble for even Civilians.