Name: NC-009 "Falcon"

Rank: Nimbus Commando Commander

Tier: Low 2

Background: NC-09, otherwise known as his new alias "Garcello Blunt" and "Falcon" was a former member of Confederacy of Independent System and Commander of the elite special operation team of Nimbus Commando named "The Mandalore Three".

Alongside that, he was also a trained medical officer and mechanic, including having being a Deathwatch Mandalorian mercenary that had been hired and served the former Mand'alor way back when he was still affiliated with the CIS. However, times have changed and so did Falcon as a whole having completed their mission on Mandalore. "The Mandalore Three" decided to unknowingly defect from the CIS and NC to go and help their newfound friend Axis in his mission to take down a nightmarish creature called Abeloth that had been causing chaos.

On this mission, Falcon and his squadmates met up with other more skilled and special individuals from different factions and time periods that they knew, as the group went on different operations as they continued to go and take down Abeloth.

Speed: Middle C Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Improvised Hand-to-Hand combat, Blaster Rifles, Blaster Cannons, Espionage, Treatment & Aid, and Jabiim Sabre Combat. High Proficiency in Mental Shielding, and Deception. Proficiency in Shotguns, Martial Weapons, Sniper Rifles, Ground Vehicles, Slugthrowers, and Explosives. Skilled in Throwables, Jetpacks, and Blaster Pistols. Begun training in Mechanical Mind and Dun Moch.

Equipment: Durasteel Crushgaunts; Grenade Launcher; Dual Mandalorian Ripper; Durasteel Assault Shield; Vibroknives; Kal; NC Blaster Rifle; NCC-09 Armour 2.0; ECM-598 Medical Backpack; Ammonia Smelling Salts; Stim Pistol; Proton Torpedo Launcher; Mandalorian Heavy Repeater; JT-12 Jetpack; Grappling Hooks; Magnetic Thermal Detonators; 1 Thermal Imploder; A-52 Shotgun; Wrist Rockets; Skilled with Repulsor Skates

Weaknesses: Falcon is extremely overconfident, and as such, if one were to feign weakness while laying traps during combat, Falcon would practically defeat himself. Leaving himself open to perform more bold and flashy moves, one can then stop feigning weakness and go for a quick and efficient kill. Luring him into a trap would be easy. Falcon will jump in head first, even if he knew the trap existed, willing to believe he could succeed against whatever his enemies lay out for him. He cares an extreme amount for Flauros and Beans, and if either are injured or killed, he could lose his entire will to fight. Falcon cannot perceive colour, and this could be used against him in a combat scenario.