Name: Gil Alcyon

Rank: Shareholder of Sienar Fleet Systems

Tier: High 4

Background: Little is known of Gil's childhood, although he long worked in mines as a child. Earning his freedom later, though left with permanent lung damage. And a fair bit of money to show for the constant work.

Continuing the work, using what little money he had to gain contacts, get to people and close job contracts, he quickly found himself working quite early. Taking what gigs he could. Although through visions, gut feelings, and careful analysing, one of the few things he learnt through the years. He hit the jackpot, investing in a subsidiary of Sienar Fleet Systems before the Clone Wars broke out.

As an adult, he would later continue growing within Sienar Fleet Systems, growing rich. Spending money on reaching out to experts within martial arts; which he took up as a hobby. And after years, he would have mastered several arts.

Now he waits, patiently letting his shares in Sienar grow in value, while training a younger generation of spies to get into other companies, work their way in. Learn industrial secrets, undermine operations and coerce their leadership, make sure that his company remains the strongest pillar it can be.

Speed: Low G Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Electrostaffs. Highly Proficient in Pattern Recognition. Proficient in Deception, Mental Shielding, Zama-Shiwo, Manipulation, and Survival Skills. Skilled in Knife Combat and Street Hand-to-Hand Combat. Begun Training in Dagger Combat.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery in Precognition and Force Visions. Proficient in Mind Tricks. Skilled in Dominate Mind.

  • Balance = 68. Midichlorian Count = 13,912.

Equipment: Collapsible Polymer Electrostaff; Cortosis-weave Suit; Hidden Dagger.

Weaknesses: Gil has extremely little ranged capabilities, and thus one should engage from a distance, aiming for exposed flesh as to avoid the uses of his cortosis-weave suit. If one were to disarm him of his electrostaff, his close-quarters combat capabilities would decrease by a great deal, and then engaging him from close-range would be far more viable. Gil serves the company above all else, and can be manipulated based on the ideas of success and profit. Gil is a slow combatant, and thus showcasing more agility and dexterity is going to give one a greater advantage over him.

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