Name: Annalise Dimidium

Rank: Former Jedi

Tier: High 1

Background: Annalise Dimidium, born Calliope Dimidium, was an Aruzan female Jedi Master who was an essential part of The Twin Prophecy. Annalise originated from the Universe of Fracture (Source Universe). Unknowingly to Annalise, she was dragged into the Universe of Prophecy by the Thread Maker like all those who cross do, however, hers seemed to be gentle and seamless, to the point of it being unknown to her.

Annalise was born on Aruza in 6923 BBY, the daughter in a loving family of 4. Her destiny and early life were constantly observed by the Thread Maker, who ensured no harm would come to her due to her vital part to play in its plans. Annalise would join the Jedi Order and become a Master in its ranks, a venerated and respected figure to her peers. Having met Arye Prays, a broken man after they left the Sith on Korriban, the two would fall in love and get married, living five happy years together. This was abruptly ended in 6893 BBY, due to the Thread Maker's interference, who had finally gained enough power to carefully move the woman over to the Universe of Prophecy. Arriving on Mirial, confused as to where she was, she was delighted and confused to see her husband arrive, although far different to the man she remembered.

After weeks of travelling with what she presumed to be the same man, and after hypothesising that she had merely time travelled, Annalise would become pregnant with twins during her time on Zakuul. It was also during this period that Annalise would begin to have concerns that her husband could not resist Vitiate as well as he thought he could. Before leaving Zakuul, Annalise would encounter the being known as Omega, who was there to fulfil its part in the Twin Prophecy. Omega would use what it had learnt outside of reality to accelerate the pregnancy process, as well as inducing the children's DNA to be half of that of the Void. Thus, creating the necessary link for the Thread Maker's plans to be carried out.

Travelling from Zakuul, Annalise would encounter many new faces, eventually giving birth to two children. Alena and Richard were born, and Annalise's part in the Twin Prophecy had begun. After her husband began to desire redemption, and having met Satele Shan; Arye began to distance himself from Annalise, training and learning from the Jedi Master. Annalise and Arye would grow more distant, as Arye fixated on a holocron made by The Barsen'thor. And while she supported his goal, she began to notice how it became the only thing on his mind. Unknowingly to Annalise, Arye would enter a romantic relationship with Satele Shan, something she suspected but refused to question.

After what she viewed as inaction from her husband in saving their son Richard from the Eternal Emperor, left her husband's side after contacting Boba Fett to take her life into her own hands. It was here she would meet Boba's brother, Axis, to whom she would become extremely close with, learning life lessons and experiencing a life of freedom she had never quite had before. Embarking on a mission to collapse the Galactic Syndicate in Sundari, Annalise would find herself defending her new friend often, who had fallen extremely ill during their time together. The two, while becoming extremely close, would eventually depart from one another's side; disagreements over Annalise's travel to Zakuul in order to reunite with Richard being the crux of the argument. Annalise would return to Zakuul to look after her son with Compass at her side, and would remain there for several months under Valkorian's protection. It would be at some point that she would regain contact with Axis through the exchange of letters, the two keeping consistent communication between one another.

Speed: Middle B

Abilities: The Mastery in Mental Shielding due to leftover defences and psychic ability. Mastery in Shii-Cho, Juyo, Temple Sabre Combat, Temple Hand-to-Hand, Jar’Kai and Tràkata. Proficient in Environment Conditioning, Survival Skills, and Treatment & Aid. Skilled in Mechanical Mind and Ground Vehicles.

Notable Force Abilities: Extreme Mastery of Force Valour and Force Speed. Mastery in Mind Trick, Force Tempest, Standard Knight Light Side Abilities, and Revitalise. Proficiency in Standard Basic Dark Side abilities. Skilled in Tutaminis. Begun Training in Force Barrier, Pyrokinesis, Force Choke and Force Crush.

  • Balance = Void. Midichlorian Count = 16,359.

Equipment: Annalise’s Dual Lightsabers, Coral Void Necklace

Weaknesses: An expert fighter, contrary to her composed, calm and kind self, Annalise is a brutally aggressive fighter on the battlefield, often having dealt with opponents before they realise they are being engaged. Seen as she has little to no experience with defensive techniques, she suffers when fighting alone in the open.