Name: CC-1359 "Obsidian"

Rank: Battalion Commander

Tier: Low 2

Background: CT-1359, commonly known as Obsidian, was a clone of Isabet Reau & Battalion Commander of the 332nd Legion during the final years of the Galactic Republic. Obsidian was instrumental to the 332nd in many of the battles that the group participated in.

Starting off as most clones did on the ocean world of Kamino, Obsidian was an odd clone right off the bat. Instead of using any typical weapons, Obsidian had a special interest in weapons of her own design that fit her style. Over time, this weapon designing grew into armour designing & painting which eventually lead to all of Obsidian being an extension of her fighting style & her fighting style being an extension of her personality. This was, of course, allowed by the Kaminoans due to the quality of what was being produced; and Obsidian was not terminated by her creators.

On the planet of Odessen, where the Third System's army was stationed/stranded for month, Obsidian began to build herself into the person she is now (quite literally). After blowing off both an arm & a leg in failed science attempts (She tried a rocket jump with thermals, quite a stupid decision in hindsight), she began to enhance herself with cybernetics. Starting off simple, she only made additions that would neither enhance or harm her ability to function as a clone but over time the additions and cybernetics grew into something that helped enhance her abilities well beyond the limits of a standard clone. These additions also stretched to her armour, allowing both her limbs & her armour to interface and help her combat efficiency further.

After being hurled into source, Obsidian settled into her role as BCDR much more than she used to. After every mission in source, she checked on both her troops & other troops if she had the ability to. She also married her husband Axe in source, infront of both the 332nd & 811th battalions.

Speed: Low C

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Extreme Mastery in Programmed Hand-to-Hand and Slicing. Mastery in Mechanical Mind, Explosives, and Crafting. Highly Proficient in Material Instinct, Throwables, Blaster Pistols, Custom Sabre Style, and Custom Axe Fighting. Proficient in Mental Shielding, Projectors, Custom Mace Fighting, Echani Hand-to-Hand, Wrist Shields, Blaster Rifles, and Jetpacks. Begun Training in Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Equipment: Harbingers of Calamity; Croc Mimic Armour; 10 Thermal Detonators; Wrench; Standard Pocket Knife; Durasteel Claws; Proficient with Wrist Grapple; Daybreaker; Nudibranchii; The Outrage

Weaknesses: Obsidian has the same weaknesses as durasteel for the most part. EMPs against her person would shut down everything but her core, leaving her to be a useless pile of metal that can be instantly killed. Heating her to high temperatures is likely to melt her mechanical parts, rendering her useless. Due to her heavy limbs, throwing her into a body of water is likely to drown her, with little chances of her rising to the surface. Obsidian cares greatly for Axe and those under her command in the 332nd, and harming them will cause absolute tunnel vision. In this tunnel vision, the weaknesses listed above are even more exploitable; making Obsidian an easy target. Separating her from her armour would be highly effective, given a lot of her power and equipment comes from it.

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