Name: CC-7145 “Zyrax”

Rank: Marshal Commander

Tier: High 4

Background: Marshal Commander CC-7145, nicknamed Zyrax, is the commanding officer of the 7th Sky Corps, apart of the Third System Army. He puts his troopers and their safety above all else, throwing himself into combat on the front lines to "save one or two more". An honest man, Zyrax always has times for his troopers' needs, gaining respect and a large likeness throughout the 7th. His 'from the front' leadership is not without criticism, as his predecessor and good friend, CC-4200"Boil" died in the same manner. Boil's death enraged Zyrax, as Boil was a mentor to him, who taught hi everything he knew. Unlike Boil, Zyrax is far from assertive, some going as far to say that he is spineless and weak, however his prowess on the battlefield quickly silenced these notions.

Speed: High G Combat Speed

Abilities: Highly Proficient in Mechanical Mind, Jetpacks, and Throwables. Proficient with Echani Hand-to-Hand, Wrist Shields, Blaster Rifles, and Blaster Pistols. Skilled in Basic Sabre Combat.

Equipment: Highly Proficient with DC-15S Carbine and DC-15A Rifle; Phase 2 Plastoid Carnivore Trooper Armour; 4 Thermal Detonators; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool; Ysalamir; Clone Commander Kama and Pauldron; Vibrosword; 2 DC-17

Weaknesses: Zyrax takes the hurt of others as his own often, and so seeing his subordinates get hurt means he will become unstable and easy to deal with. Simply engineering a combat scenario to mean he will enter this state will cause him to be easily exploitable, and thus any monkey with half a brain could deal with him. And while the Ysalamir is good, one can easily bypass it by affecting the environment around the bubble with the Force. This Ysalamir, like all Carnivore members, means that Zyrax is laughably unequipped to deal with Force Users.