"I wish to crush every user of this style under a massive, spiked, metal gate. If nothing else but for past experiences"

Way of the Rancor is a brutal style, one which emphasises grip and grapples. Once a user of Way of the Rancor grabs you, you are unlikely to be able to escape, with a counter-attack likely being the only option for those afflicted under its grip.

As such, the style emphasises getting in extremely close to the opponent, in order to be in grabbing range. Grabs should be focused on joints and other key areas, the former allowing masters of the technique to shatter bone under their ironclad grips if they are strong enough. A methodical approach to fighting, one of disabling one’s opponent brutally before going in for the metaphorical, or even actual, kill.

Though the grips themselves are useful, following up from them are equally as good. Being able to grapple one’s opponent is the follower, throwing enemies to the floor before completely eliminating them. Also useful to go alongside this technique is other forms of combat, the guard of one’s opponent opens once they are grappled.

Of course, users must be careful not to be physically overcome once gripping, otherwise they may find themselves the one being compromised. Furthermore, a grip or grapple is quite telegraphed in terms of fighting, and one must be careful not to find themselves amidst a faster counter attack employed by a watchful opponent.