Name: Avon Renaudin

Rank: Emperor of the Cheludo

Tier: High 2

Background: The reigning emperor of the Cheludo Imperium and the latest in a long line of rulers, Avon Renaudin was born in 171 BBY on the isolated planet Prageb. His species, along with all of those living on Prageb, worshipped the notion of "Old Gods" represented by a glowing object in the night sky, one they referred to as Khonshu.

Avon was trained from childhood to be a warrior king, as were all of the previous Cheludo leaders. However, Avon was born into an age of strife and instability between the Cheludo, and their ancient rivals the Hou, a race of primates who ruled in parallel to their species. From the age of 24, Avon was involved in numerous wars and campaigns against the Hou, along with their allies. He worked his way up the ladder of command within the Cheludo army, eventually becoming its High General for several decades until his father, Ar'vel Renaudin, was assassinated by Hou spies in 71 BBY, on Avon's 100th birthday.

Avon never found love before that point, as he was solely focused on defending his kingdom. Upon his father's assassination, Avon was seated on the Cheludo throne, being the direct and only successor to his father. Ever since then, he has made it his primary goal to secure long lasting peace on Prageb.

Speed: High C Visibility | Low D Combat Speed

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. The Mastery of Cheludo Hand-to-Hand Combat and Cheludo Greatsword Combat. Extreme Mastery in Cheludo Sledgehammer Combat, Cheludo Battleaxe Combat, and Medieval Siege Weapons. Mastery of Shield Combat. Highly Proficient in Animal Handling, Pattern Recognition and Mental Shielding. Proficient in Throwing Knives and Staffs. Begun training in Hóu Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Equipment: Renaudin Royal armour; Avon's Battle axe; Avon's shield.

Weaknesses: Avon has seen much in his life. Due to the Cheludo's extended lifespan, and high-class upbringing, he has lived to see empires rise and fall. He wants nothing more than lasting peace on Prageb, and he will do anything he must if he knows peace will be the result, including being defeated in combat scenarios. He could quite easily be led into a trap if someone were to convince Avon that he was able to achieve that peace he so desperately craves, potentially turning on his allies. Additionally, his heavy physiology and even heavier shell can prove to be a detriment, especially when faced with a speedy opponent. He is slow, and as such, a nimble opponent should be able to run circles around him.