Name: Shaak Ti (Deceased)

Rank: Jedi Master

Tier: Middle 1

Background: Shaak Ti was a Force-sensitive Togruta female Jedi Master who served as one of the final members of the Jedi High Council before the Great Jedi Purge. Considered to be among the wisest in the Jedi Order, Ti was a skilled teacher and combatant and was a devoted believer in the ways of the Jedi. During the Clone Wars, a galaxy-wide conflict between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems, Ti took part in the pivotal battles of Geonosis, Kamino, and Coruscant as a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic.

Early in the Clone Wars, Ti was chosen by the Jedi Council to represent the Republic on Kamino, where she personally oversaw the training and development of clone forces on the planet. While in this role, she acted as a close mentor and protector to the clone army, additionally serving as the commanding officer of the garrison stationed on-world. Her compassion for the clones clashed with the Kaminoan's cold view of them as products, and for much of her time on Kamino, Ti had a strained relationship with the Kaminoan government.

In addition, Master Ti was instrumental in the First and Second Battles of Kamino, where she helped to protect the future generations of clone troopers growing at the facilities, as well as during the Battle of Hypori, where she became one of the few Jedi to survive an encounter with the feared General Grievous. Master Ti was known to have dueled and defeated one of Count Dooku's Dark Acolytes, Artel Darc, before which she served with distinction during the conflict on Brentaal IV.

Shaak Ti, however, was sadly killed by Abeloth within the Maw during the Jedi Council's mission there to defeat the Force Deity.

Speed: High C

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Makashi and Way of the Hunt Hand-to-Hand. Mastery in Mental Shielding, Ataru, Camouflage, Traps, Throwing Knives, Survival Skills, Vehicle Boarding, and Martial Weapons. Highly Proficient in the other forms of Lightsaber combat. Proficient in Jar’Kai.

Notable Force Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Tutaminis, Illusions, Kinetite, Alter Environment, Plant Surge and Animal Bond. Mastery in standard Council Light Side abilities.

  • Balance = 8. Midichlorian Count = 15,003.

Equipment: Jedi Robes; Shaak Ti’s Lightsaber; Utility Belt with: Survival Rations in the form of capsules, a Hush-98 comlink, a Fibercord Grappling Hook and/or a Grappling Spike Launcher, a Holoprojector, a Holomap, an A99 Aquata Breather, a Jedi Beacon Transceiver, a Glowrod, and Lightsaber Repair Tools.

Weaknesses: Being a master of Forms 2 and 4, a hailstorm of blaster fire could eliminate this Jedi. And while being moderately proficient in hand-to-hand, Shaak Ti definitely favours having a weapon in her hand. Disarming, while still having to watch out for her ability to control the weather and plants, could lead to victory. Tricking Shaak Ti into relying on lightsaber combat for the fight, and then overwhelming her with stronger Force abilities could also eliminate this Jedi.