Name: Standard HK-51 series assassin droid

Rank: Assassin Droid

Tier: Low 2

Background: The HK-51 series assassin droid was a model of Hunter-Killer series assassin droid that was manufactured by the Czerka Corporation shortly before the end of the Great Galactic War.

After the rediscovery of the Foundry by Revan and HK-47, these droids were mass produced prior to the station's destruction at the hands of Sidious and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Speed: High C Visibility | High D Combat Speed

Abilities: Beyond Peak Human Strength and Durability. Mastery in Shotguns, Blaster Rifles, Deception, Disruptors, and Slicing. Highly Proficient in all other weapon types, Stealth Generators, Explosives, and Throwables. Proficient in Energy Shields, Hunting/Tracking, Espionage, Programmed Hand-to-Hand, Mechanical Mind, Ground Vehicles, Projectors, and Traps.

Perk: “Analysing: Revolting”

  • The HK-51 droids can determine any weakness that is physical of their opponents upon seeing them.

Equipment: Droid Assassin Rifle; 3 Smoke Grenades; Stealth Field Generator; Mastery with Wrist mounted micro-missile launchers and railgun; Highly Proficient with Vibroknife; Self Destruct System; Integrated Energy Shields; Auto-Repair System

Weaknesses: HK-51s are droids, and thus they can be disabled by EMPs and other such electronic disabling methods. 51s prefer to stick to the close and mid range, not liking to engage enemies from a distance. As such, being a superior close range combatant or attacking them from extreme range will render them nigh useless. Furthermore, knowing this preference, one could even lay traps or manipulate a combat scenario in their favour; using mines and other such devices to eliminate entire squads of these droids. The HK-51s, due to a skilled tactic by Marka Ragnos at the Foundry, still contain some old programming from the HK-50 model. Thus they can be convinced to go against their orders and their masters, and a skilled enough manipulator could easily turn a HK-51 unit to their side. 51s are arrogant, seeing themselves as far superior to older models of the HK-series and modern battle droids. Thus, they will be more inclined to fight enemies above their pay grade, and one can use this to eliminate them.

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