"A Nagai will always beat me in a fight. Not due to skill, but due to the fact I'd rather kill myself than sit through their angry, predictable movements"

The Nagai people, from what little I have seen and from what I have read, are a conserved yet determined race. Their style of combat often fits the manner in which they live their lives, that being an intense and focused effort that employs careful measures at critical moments. The Nagai style within itself employs similar faculties to Dun Moch, at least its physical side, with opponents often caused in a spiderweb of arrogance or conceitedness, to which the Nagai often capitalises on with a strike of killing intent.

The Nagai themselves employ a mentality of ending a fight as soon as possible, time degrading the substance and outlook of a duel, an erosion of their honour if such stalling tactics are used. It should be noted that the Nagai attempt to exploit a weakness if it can be found, utilising Dun Moch once such a factor is discovered, but the ability to discover such things are often down to the opponent and the capabilities of the Nagai themselves.

The Nagai also put themselves into the fight, forming an expression of creativity in order to show individuality. Every Nagai, in the end, has their own twist to their fighting methods, though one can typically expect the same core foundations if they know what to look for.

The Nagai are however, greatly open to exploitation in combat if one knows how to do so. While their honour is critical, it can be exploited by one who knows how to twist it. And once their honour has been degraded, one may not know how the Nagai would react if such an outcome was conceived through tricking the warrior to do it themselves. Furthermore, the issue one typically finds with unpredictable opponents is that if everyone is unpredictable, is anyone unpredictable at all? By expecting out of field manoeuvres and creativity, one can subvert the element of surprise by being ready for anything.

The Nagai also employed the use of a blade known as the Tehk’la. This blade in question was designed specifically for the owner, though all the blades had the same intention in mind. Cause injury until the opponent was too weak to resist, or too mentally exploited to notice; which would be followed up by a quick, critical strike from the Nagai. The blades themselves typically have a serrated design on one side, and are thick pieces of metal. When a stab or cut is made, the serrated design allows for ripping and tearing of flesh when the blade itself is withdrawn. Though it should be noted that the style can be exploited, as the Nagai will typically be looking for an opportunity to go for a killing blow, and one can exploit this patience with the right mind and application.

It should be noted that the Tehk’la blade requires an energy cell to operate, as the blade itself vibrates at several thousand cycles per minute to enhance cutting power.