Name: Kyrate

Rank: N/A

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Darth Interitus has been working hard to rise through the ranks of the Sith ever since being freed from an Imperial Slave camp by a Sith Lord. Toiling over and studying the depths of the Force until he obtained enough strength to be on the Dark Council.

After investigating the distress call on Qalrin and helping retake Korriban, he explored the land of his ancestors and studied the Force even more, getting stronger and feeling strong interest and fascination for the rich past around him.

Speed: Low C

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Mastery in Crafting, Deception, and Mental Shielding. Highly Proficient in Lasat Hand-to-Hand Combat, Ataru, Staffs, Saberstaffs, Mechanical Mind, Throwables, and Juyo. Proficient in Survival Skills and Ground Vehicles. Skilled in Chemistry and Treatment & Aid. Begun Training in Sangheili Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery in Standard Pre-Bane Sith Lord Abilities. Begun Training in Psychometry and Curato Salva.

  • Balance = 79. Midichlorian Count = 15,893.

Equipment: Interitus’ Lightsaber; Heavy Armour.

Weaknesses: Interitus is extremely touchy about his species, and will not allow any slights against the Lasat race given the abuse he has suffered since childhood. As such, if one were to know his species, they could easily goad him into combat; where Interitus would become a whirlwind of rage, far more easy to exploit a weakness in due to him becoming more sloppy. Interitus slacks in lightsaber combat, and as such, it would always be beneficial to engage him at close-range, forcing him to draw his blade. When he does so, he will be far more easy to beat.