"I'd be a liar to say that back in my youthful travels (and exile), I didn't frequent a similar style to fight my way out of a problem"

I have seen Shaak use this style extensively, and one must understand the culture of Shili in order to understand this style. The hunt is a passage of life all creatures must undergo, for those on Shili must work together and hunt the creatures in order to survive. It is a way of life, of understanding the laws of nature and the Force that few get to experience.

As such, the Way of the Hunt focuses on disabling one’s prey. The use of pressure points in particular is useful, something the Togruta must learn extensively for a variety of creatures. By applying pressure to particular parts of the body, one can disable it entirely, something Master Ti has incorporated into her teachings of Temple Hand-to-Hand many times (see Author’s notes on specific Aikido type).

The style also aims for paralysing, so disabling the legs through quick strikes, as well as attacks on the spine are typically seen. I have seen Master Ti disable enemies by a simple pinch to their neck or a quick jab to their lower spine, something awfully methodical about it when I think about it.