Name: Standard Chiss Commando

Rank: Chiss Commando

Tier: Low 2

Background: The primary Chiss Special Operations unit, the Chiss Commando is highly trained and effective, they have an armour with almost no weak points, and an arsenal that is almost unrivalled throughout the galaxy.

The Chiss Commando was first suggested as a force by Cipher Nine, a Chiss Agent who worked in the main galaxy, and learned a great deal about military tactics used by them, including the usage of special forces. The Chiss immediately put a great deal of resources into making their own special forces, which became the Chiss Commando, however those Chiss Commandos were very different from its final evolution. Originally, they were lightly armoured troops that worked individually off of stealth, a symptom of Chiss arrogance that they believed they wouldn't need backup. However after initial success, then abject failure once their enemies figured out the tactics required to counter them, the CEDF were forced to change their usage of the commandos.

The new idea was to make the commandos take the best of every other Chiss unit, and combine them, the speed and manoeuvrability of the scouts, the technical expertise of the electronic warfare trooper, the armour of the marines, the on the spot tactics of CEDF naval officers, and combine them. However, the command staff believed they were not done yet, and developed an all new armour, interlocking and energy ablative, in order to counter the tactics that had been used to destroy the first generation of Chiss commandos. The final change that the commandos underwent was turning them from individual troopers into a squad dynamic, which immediately had great success, the squads of 12 being deployed throughout conflicts to take on difficult mission, and having an incredible success rate as a result.

Speed: Middle D Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery with Charric Maser Rifles, Ground Vehicles, Charric Maser Carbines, and Charric Maser Pistols, and Chiss LMG. High Proficiency with Explosives, Chiss Sabre Combat, and Chiss Hand-to-hand Combat.

Equipment: Mastery with Chiss Commando Armour and Chiss Vehicles; High Proficiency with Chiss Electronic Warfare Kit.

Weaknesses: While the Chiss Commando is an extremely powerful troop, they tend towards the Chiss superiority complex, as such, lulling them into a false sense of security is the best way to then overwhelm them. They rely on their equipment more than their actual skills, the Chiss technological superiority becoming more of a crutch than anything else. As such, a well placed EMP or removal of their technology could cripple the Commando and allow one to swiftly dispatch them.

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