Name: Taravara


Tier: High 1

Background: Taravara was a clone assassin who was extremely talented, far above his peers and other clones, though his personality left much to be desired. Being the cream of the crop, Taravara was made the leader of Krosha Morze; an elite squad that worked directly for Palpatine. Under Palpatine's orders, Krosha Morze caused many incidents that helped incite the Clone Wars, and are responsible for a lot of death and destruction that set tensions to their boiling point.

After the events of Saleucami, Taravara mostly went AWOL, going to a quest to kill a former member of the team; the member known as Axis. Taking former Commando Strzalk with him, Taravara travels the galaxy, following Axis' trail so he may kill him in revenge.

Speed: Low A Combat Speed

Abilities: Extreme Acrobatics. Taravara cannot be interacted with by the Light Side of the Force. The Master of Teras Kasi and Arm Vibroblades. The Mastery of Hunting/Tracking, Espionage, Camouflage, Deception, Manipulation, and Mental Shielding. Extreme Mastery in Energy Shields, Chemistry, Dun Moch, and Blaster Pistols. Mastery in all Blaster Weapons, Pattern Recognition, Ground Vehicles, Traps, Explosives, Throwing Knives, Throwables, Mechanical Mind, Cloaking Devices, and Jetpacks. Highly Proficient in Environmental Conditioning and Survival Skills.

Equipment: Extreme Mastery in DC-15a, DC-15x, and DC-17; 2 arm vibroblades; Taravara’s armour; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool; Vibroblade; 10 Throwing Knives; 2 Flash Grenades; 2 RPP Grenades; 3 Smoke Grenades; Personal Energy Shield; Z-6 Jetpack.

Weaknesses: Taravara relies on the fear of others to be most effective, and those without it can cause problems for his tactics and plans. Force Users who know Teras Kasi can cause issues, knowing how to counter his own style. Those with higher intelligence or manipulation skills will prevent Taravara from seeing through them, however, those people are too few and far in between. When angered, Taravara can lose his common sense and act irrational, proving a detriment to himself, his plans and those around him. One can attack Taravara with the Dark Side, going against the Force’s will to force it to contact the man suffering damnation.

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