"Getting punched by a Sangheili is a lot like getting hit by a bus. But at least a bus won't proceed to shoot you in the face when you're down"

The Sangheili are physically superior to humanoids by a longshot, and they use that to their advantage in their combat style. Their style is one of brutality, especially due to the nature of their durability and strength.

The Sangheili, in combination with their armour, have an incredibly high pain threshold and durability, able to shrug off punches that would have most humans spiralling back in agony. Due to this, they are able to conserve their momentum when being struck, going for large sweeping strikes and powerful punches through that of the enemy.

Similar to the Mandalorians, in the sense that they power through attacks, but different. While a Mandalorian usually has to outright block the strike, else they get thrown back, the Sangheili can take it, charging through their enemies guard which has been opened by striking them in the first place. While there's a lack of technique, it cannot be employed by many given the nature of biology.

Furthermore, the Sangheili will typically aim for the neck or joints in a grab, physically able to pick up their opponents and toss them about; intent on disabling them with a superior physicality that most fighters just cannot deal with. And while this does render the Sangheili open to attack from someone who can exert a large amount of physical force, the armour usually counters this as well. As I met on Dromuund Kaas, I doubt anyone, perhaps not even Master Yoda or I, could defeat that Sith in Hand-to-Hand Combat; his biology already superior, and his Force powers preventing anyone with the Force from scaling up to him by simply scaling himself up further.