Name: A-26 "Maze"

Rank: Commander of Special Operations Brigade

Tier: Low 2

Background: Alpha-26, also known by the nickname Maze, was a member of the Alpha-class batch of ARC Troopers. Cloned from the Jango Fett template in 32 BBY after the "failure" of the Null-class ARCs, the Alphas lacked the standard genome modifications of regular clone troopers, and thus were made to be much more intelligent and independent. Like the rest of the Alphas, Maze was personally trained by Jango Fett on the hidden planet of Kamino. It was during this time that he developed a preference for close-quarters combat and befriended Alpha-66.

Along with the rest of the Alpha ARCs, Maze was first deployed when the Confederacy first invaded Kamino and got dangerously close to the planet's cloning facilities. In a last ditch effort to save the planet, Lama Su released the ARCs from stasis, almost completely halting the advancement of the Seperatist forces and saving the planet from CIS control.

In 20 BBY, during a mission on Hoth, Alpha-17 received a distress signal from the Muunilinst 10, who revealed that they were trapped on Kamino by Lama Su. Alpha-17, Nate, and Maze took an ARC-170 to the planet and assisted the Muunilinst 10 in thwarting the Kaminoan rebellion, with Maze being made a member afterwards, A short time after the 10 arrived back on Coruscant, Atris was appointed as Director of the Brigade, and she promoted Maze to commander of the SOB.

Speed: High C Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Weapon Instinct, Blaster Rifles, Deception, Blaster Pistols, Chain Guns, Blaster Cannons, Vehicle Boarding, and all Standard Hand-to-Hand Combat Types. Highly Proficient in Manipulation, Shotguns, Blaster Carbines, Camouflage, Espionage, Traps, Ground Vehicles, Explosives, Sniper Rifles, Throwables, Rocket Launchers, Mental Shielding, Mandalorian Sabre Combat, and Martial Weapons. Proficient in Hunting/Tracking, Projectors, Grenade Launchers, Jetpacks, Slicing, Mechanical Mind, Survival Skills, and Ship Boarding.

Equipment: Westar M5; Dual DC-17s; DC-15S Carbine; Beskar Alpha Series-III ARC Armour; Vibrodagger, JT-12 Jetpack, 2 Thermal Detonators; 2 Fragmentation Grenades; 2 Reverse-polarity Pulse Grenades; 2 EMP Grenades; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool.

Weaknesses: In close combat situations, Maze prefers to use the environment to his advantage rather than face an enemy head on. If an enemy were to fabricate a false advantage in the environment, he would be liable to utilise such a factor and fall into a well-conceived trap. Preferring to fight at mid to close-range distance, a highly competent long-range combatant would likely significantly lower his combat effectiveness. Furthermore, Maze is not easily intimidated, and as such is willing to face opponents far above his pay grade if he believes it necessary.