Name: Ji'im

Rank: Bounty Hunter

Tier: Low 4

Background: Ji'im is a novice bounty hunter, who only became one due to his desperate need for money. As a kid Ji'im had big dreams, but they were never achieved, as after graduating university he only managed to get a low paying job. After the beginning of the Clone Wars, the company had many issues due to the war, which causing Ji'im to be laid off. He kept trying to find other work, but was unsuccessful and with desperation to be able to pay his bills, Ji'im decided to take up bounty hunting.

Speed: High H

Abilities: Proficient in Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat. Begun Training in Blaster Pistols.

Equipment: Skilled in Unreliable DL-44.

Weaknesses: Ji’im is a regular guy who went into the Bounty Hunter business due to his immense debt. He has no combat skills whatsoever and while in decent physical shape, may as well be a civilian. Ji’im also desperately needs to pay off his debts, and any beginner manipulator could easily twist him with the prospect of money and funds.