"If I have to read one more Padawan essay about 'Temple Sabre Styles and their evolution into Shii-Cho', I will travel to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and fling myself from the spire"

Now this is one I am far more familiar with. Temple Sabre Combat is remarkably similar to Shii-Cho, but delves far more into the more dangerous aspects.

To take up a sword is to accept the aggression of combat, the high probability that a life will be taken, regardless if the intention was there. It is hard to justify a sword’s use defensively, and as such, it often holds deep association with the Dark Side. The Temple Form does emphasise the attacking of body zones, similarly to Shii-Cho, and in that sense it is calculated.

Each strike flows like water, however, due to the weight that comes with metal that is not present with a lightsaber; it is even more important to retain momentum between each strike. If one is to trust the Force and retain active footwork, it is important to uphold such a strategy. It is also important to also show restraint where needed, and a great physical attribute is needed. After all, one would not want to allow a swing to control them, but rather for them to control the swing.

The form, for all its similarities to Shii-Cho, cannot be directly used to learn Shii-Cho bar the knowledge of body centres and the art of flowing movement and vice-versa; given the sword’s different centre of gravity compared to that of a lightsaber. Furthermore, due to the energy expenditure that is required to wield a sword compared to a lightsaber, combatants are pressured to end a fight far more quickly. This appropriates a sloppiness and aggression in combat that is not suited for the Jedi anymore, and as such, the form is mostly ceremonial.

[For all this bluster, I could tell Mace was very enthusiastic about this form and its relation to the history of the Jedi, though he would never admit it - Un'duro]