Name: Ethindo'ria'nuruodo

Rank: Chiss Commando

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Ethindo'ria'nuruodo, better know as Dorian, is the head of Sub-house Ethindo as well as a Chiss Commando Operative specialising in Explosives due to a dislike of traditional Charric rifles. Noted his intense dislike of Chiss traditionalists, Dorian actively went out of his way to break as many of their values as possible. He actively engaged with the outside galaxy, becoming friends with clones and Mandalorians. He struck first whenever he felt like it was called for.

While being trained as a commando, Dorian was engaged to be married to another of the cadets. During one of the training exercises, maintenance incompetence led to him killing his own fiancé, and another member of his Squad. He compartmentalised his grief, signing up to Thrass' sqaud. He served Thrass many times, notably in a fight against a the first Chiss assassin that had been seen in years, as well as the Ascendancy's joint operation with the 415th exploratory Battalion. It was at this point that he started to become friends with another member of Thrass' squad, going by the name of Zaris, later engaging in a romantic relationship with her. Unfortunately for the demolitions expert, Zaris was an undercover identity used by one of the traditionalist sects leaders, known as Acro.

Now under the direct command of Thrawn, someone he held great respect for, Dorian was transferred to a covert base on Copero. Here, The Chiss commando would meet the outside galaxy properly. From the second of command of the GAR, A clone named Axis to the Emperor turned master Jedi Arcann Tirall, Dorian soaked up as much of their odd culture as he could. He went as far as to watch a cat named Floppa for the Clone Alpha Mixer, bonding with the animal while Mixer was in a shared dream.

After a party thrown by Thrawn's strange new accompaniment, Axis revealed that there was a spy at Copero base, before succumbing to a toxin and going into a near comatose state as he tried to get it out of his system. This left everyone else paranoid and confused, before the defect clone Hunter found a file Axis had that suggested that Dorian was the spy, unknown to Dorian himself. His squad defended him, but the commando willingly submitted himself to custody; but not before a fight broke out between those present.

Dorian was put in custody to be tried and then executed for a number of crimes against the Ascendancy. Zaris visited him a number of times, as the two formed a plan for him to escape, as Dorian had decided he did not want to die. They executed this plan flawlessly, with Dorian kissing Zaris goodbye. As Dorian snuck his way into the hanger, he was intercepted by Axis who helped the Chiss escape by giving him a ship, co-ordinates to an assassin stronghold, location transmitter, the key's own mental signature while also revealing Zaris' identity as Acro.

Dorian was sent into a cold rage by this revelation, seething all the way until he go to the traditionalist base. He didn't let his emotions get in the way, pretending to be Acro to make his way inside. He was revealed as an imposter when he tried to blow up the base's main power source. Being locked into one floor, the Chiss pushed the button that Axis gave him, unknowingly calling Abeloth down to "rescue him". Abeloth arrived to what she thought was Axis, though it was just Dorian with a similar mental signature. Dorian was saved by the entity, before she started to question who he was. Once he told her the truth, she used her immense connection to the force to snap several bones in his legs. Just as she was about to kill him, Dorian managed to bargain for his life; In partial thanks to her inhabited body being a former pacifist and his own quick thinking.

Later, a rescue mission was mounted by Axis and his companions, with Dorian being found by his closest friend in his squad, another Chiss by the name of Larion. He was helped through rehabilitation by Larion. He had resolved to kill every traditionalist, including Acro. This resolve would be tested when Acro sent him co-ordinates and told him to meet her there. When he arrived, Acro gave him a speech about why she had done what she had done, before Acro attempted to take her own life. Dorian, despite himself, brought her to Copero base to be saved. Throughout all of this, Dorian's mental state had decayed enough that he was able to flawlessly act as both a sociopath and psychopath as a defence mechanism. He also delved further into Explosives and a friendship with a redeemed assassin named Rifu, who remains his best friend. Copero was evacuated when they were given word of a possible invading force. Dorian chose to stay behind, setting up traps to deter the invaders. He planned to be captured, having sewn an audio transmitter into his own neck as to fish for information on Thrass, who had been captured on a previous raid on Copero. This mission was largely unsuccessful and he had to be extracted by Ar'alani. This scarred him even further.

Dorian was first reprimanded by Ar'alani for his excessive use of the transmitter to annoy both her and Rifu. He was then forced to go on a vacation on the planet of Mandalore. Here, he became friends with the Null class ARC's, more notably, A'den. He took this time to decompress and ponder his life. Quickly becoming bored of this, Dorian went off to join Rifu in order to hunt and kill one of Abeloth's bodies along with Count Dooku and his section of the key team.

Speed: Low C Combat Speed

Abilities: The Mastery in Explosives. Mastery with Grenade Launchers, Deception, Mechanical Mind, Traps, Ground Vehicles, Charric Maser Carbines, and Charric Maser Pistols. High Proficiency with Charric Maser Rifles, Chiss LMG, Custom Gaundao Combat Style, Chiss Sabre Combat, Throwables, and Chiss Hand-to-Hand Combat. Proficient in Material Instinct. Begun Training in Mental Shielding

Equipment: Electronic Warfare Kit; Various Sizes of Stun Bombs; Maser Carbine; 4 Detonators; Gaundao with Collapsible Hilt; Chiss Commando Armour

Weaknesses: A reminder of the death of Dorian’s fiancé would render him more useless than a vegetable, so doing that would allow one to easily kill him. Dorian does not function as well at long range, so having long range force abilities or simply equipping a sniper would increase the chances of winning an encounter by a great margin. If a combatant has good aim, they could shoot his explosives and well… it is obvious what would happen. In general, hurting those he cares about in front of his eyes will expose his guard a lot more, and his technique heavy abilities are likely to fall apart.