"If a government has to shove brainwashing into something as mundane as their own fighting styles, you know they are asking to collapse..."

Now, in my time during this library, I have read with a heavy heart what happened to the Republic. And though I do not wish to believe it is true, it very much is the case with the truths we learnt about Senator Palpatine as the Jedi Order. I… nevermind…

The Imperial Academy Hand-to-Hand was nothing short of brutal and efficient. It aims at destroying and neutralising the opponent at remarkable speeds, all of the while being efficient, achieving results for their disgusting ideology and Emperor. Typically, when fighting a practitioner of this Hand-to-Hand type, one can expect extremely sharp and powerful blows to critical points with greater efficiency than any other style; with jabs being aimed at areas like the throat, solar plexus, joints, and critical areas of the head like the temples.

Every aim of the Hand-to-Hand style is to dismantle the opponent as little as possible, with greater aptitude than any other style to doing this as there is no hesitation, no holding back, and no mercy. Sheer strikes of will and loyalty breaking the opponent’s body as quickly as possible. However, if one were to be aware of this, they could purposefully open these areas for feints and deceptive blows, allowing a swift counter-attack to take place.