Name: Lodovico Simoni

Rank: Ninja

Tier: Low 1

Background: Lodovico is the most easy-going and fun-loving of his brothers. He lives to enjoy life. He tends to hang out with Sanzrio rather than his other brothers as they are far too serious for him. He has a gentle, though mischievous nature. While he loves training in the martial arts, he also enjoys just fooling around. He's also just as likely to be eating as many snacks as possible, sneaking into a theatre for a double bill of the most recent performance, or just playing a practical joke on his brothers.

Lodovico is also his brothers' medic and cook, with a proficiency in medicine and culinary crafts and it is he who prepares most of the brothers' meals. In addition, he's a hedonist and a sensualist, appreciative of pleasures of the flesh.

Speed: Middle C

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durabiltiy. The Master of Nunchucks. Extreme Mastery in Kung Fu and Karate. Mastery in Treatment & Aid, Martial Weapons, Improvised Hand-to-Hand, Weapon Instinct, Deception, Camouflage, Dun Moch, Mental Shielding, Traps, Survival Skills, Throwables, and Crafting. Highly Proficient in Throwing Knives.

Equipment: Nunchucks; 10 Shuriken.

Weaknesses: Lodovico does not kill his enemies unless he is out of control, as such, his hesitation can be exploited by a more pragmatic assailant. As such, be sure to press aggressively against him and know he will not respond in kind. Lodovico is a laid back ninja, almost being what some would call a “party dude”. As such, one could start the engagement going all out, and likely catch him off guard, and quickly execute him. Finally, he fools around and is slightly oblivious. A combatant with a high deception could likely make easy work of him.

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