Name: Victorie Talik

Rank: Grand Admiral of the Republic Navy

Tier: Low 4

Background: Victorie Talik was the captain of the 415th Exploratory Battalion fleet up until the Second Battle of Dromund Kaas, where she was defeated and crashed on the surface. Later, she was transferred to serve under Wilhuff Tarkin as his second in command, where she worked her way to Commodore. Following that promotion, she was assigned to lead the 1st Fleet and was promoted to Rear Admiral.

Prior to the Battle of Serenno, she was promoted to Grand Admiral and was assigned command of the 9th Armada.

Speed: High H Combat Speed

Abilities: Proficient in Survival Skills, Mental Shielding, and Pattern Recognition. Begun Training in Blaster Pistols.

Equipment: Grand Admiral Uniform; Skilled in RK-3 Pistol.

Weaknesses: Talik is known to not be confident with her strategies when in the presence of those she knows has superior skills, playing off that insecurity can prove beneficial to an enemy. Given Talik’s lack of skills in direct physical combat and ground work, it is highly likely she will feel this way often, meaning one can heavily go for the kill if she is working in a team. Working off this point, Talik has little skills in combat, so just outright engaging her would be the best idea.