Name: Emiliana Volshe

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Tier: Middle 4

Background: Emiliana Volshe, known also as Emie, was a Vahlan female. She was the younger sister of Kára Volshe. She initially was a member of the Legislative Youth Program, from which she became a handmaiden to Queen Jamillia, after which she served as a Council aide. She later joined the Republic military and became a Lieutenant Colonel in the 415th Exploratory Corps.

Speed: Middle H Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Deception. Highly Proficient in Mental Shielding. Proficient in Sniper Rifles and Handmaiden Hand-to-Hand. Skilled in Staffs. Begun Training in Dagger Combat, Blaster Rifles, and Blaster Pistols.

Notable Force Abilities: Skilled in Combat Precognition and Force Sense.

  • Midichlorian Count = 6,102.

Equipment: 2 Daggers; Collapsible Bo-Staff; DC-15x Sniper Rifle; Partial Cybernetic Arm; Emiliana’s Armour.

Weaknesses: Not willing to stand down in a situation with a moral dilemma, one can manipulate her into losing by keeping her in a combat scenario she would normally retreat from. Willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good or those she serves, one can manipulate a combat scenario in which she kills herself for her ideals, thus ridding one of doing any work. Her cybernetics cause chronic pain and have energy requirements, so one can either target those areas or exhaust her through continued use of the limb. Finally, the cybernetics can be disabled through various means, which would render her less effective.