"If I have to listen to one more Imperial shitlark talk about their unbeatable skill in Echani combat, I may just go and wipe the species from history"

The body as a weapon. This is what the Echani dictate as their utmost decree. No weapons, no armour, no tricks; the simply raw chaos of combat exemplified through the use of the chaotic nature of the humanoid body within itself.

The Echani Hand-to-Hand combat is not a style, nor a method of fighting; to call it as such would be a disregard. This is a communication, a ritual, the most raw transmission of culture through physical means. Of course, that will not stop me from breaking down the science of the art itself, but as someone who considers Vapaad in a similar manner, I only thought such a disclaimer would be fair.

[I've always wondered how cases of domestic violence work with the Echani. Were they just discussing their daughter's tuition, or did he just "lose the big game last night" - Un'duro]

The art itself doesn’t actually hold an intent to win, at least not at first. In fact, there was a lot to gain from before the fight even began, an observation of a fighting stance of one’s opponent allows the user to gauge how to fight appropriately and how the fight is likely to end.

Strictly speaking, it is partially easy for an overwhelmingly aggressive or powerful combatant to cowardly use this against the Echani, simply with the knowledge that they are unlikely to have an intent to win at the beginning stages of the fight.

Regardless, once the Echani has learned enough from their opponent, they are able to perfectly counter each and every move. Unless the opponent is outright faster or stronger, the Echani will be able to utilise each of their moves before they make them, almost as if it was pseudo-precognition.

The Echani style involves quick jabs and lunges, designed to enter an opponent’s guard to learn as much as possible. Cheap tactics are not used under any circumstances, entering an opponent’s guard is done through legitimate means, be it through speed, strength, or prediction.