Name: Sigyn

Rank: Revenant Squad Member

Tier: Low 2

Background: Not a lot is known about Sigyn's past. She is believed to be born about 50 BBY, but which planet she originated from is unknown, and her earliest memories are of from her parents' ship, sitting in the lap of her mother at an age of around 6 years. This ship and what it contained was all the things the family owned, barely having enough money for fuel. Living like this for the first 12 years of her life, Sigyn quickly learnt how to protect herself from the many bandits and pirates.

At the age of 12, in the silence of the night, Sigyn's family's ship and home were raided and captured by a large gang off smugglers pirates. Luckily, she woke up, managing to sneak away from the ship, unlike the rest off her family. This marked a new chapter off Sigyn's life. Living on the street, her abilities to fight off unwanted guests was soon picked up by a small group of mercenaries, adopting her into their family; training her, teaching her and taking her with them on missions.

After 16 years of working with them, she decided to go out on her own. Taking part in small jobs, she soon caught the attention of Bly during one of the jobs. Bly, who was gathering a small group of people to help him, asked Sigyn to join him, and she accepted, marking the start off the third stage off her life.

Speed: Middle C Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Camouflage, Espionage, Deception, Street Hand-to-Hand, Dagger Combat, and Basic Sabre Combat. Highly Proficient in Mental Shielding, Survival Skills, Slicing, Throwables, and Chemistry. Proficient in Throwing Knives, Blaster Carbines, Blaster Pistols, and Wrist Shields.

Equipment: Highly Proficient with Wrist Dart Projector; Light and agile Durasteel Mandalorian Armour; 2 Vibroblades; DC-17; 2 Throwing Knives; Vambrace containing: Set of 6 Poison Darts, Proficiency with an easily changeable and durable durasteel grappling hook, Retractable Knuckle Dagger, and an Energy Shield; 3 Thermal Detonators; 3 EMP Grenades; 2 extra sets of darts.

Weaknesses: Sigyn has a small physicality, meaning she will suffer strength-wise against the average opponent. Sigyn takes combat extremely seriously, which often causes her to forget about her comrades, environment, and objectives during a combat scenario. Often engaging combatants alone, and focused senses often making her unaware if someone sneaks up behind her during a fight; Sigyn can be easily defeated with pre-planning. Non trusting, she can be manipulated in a combat scenario to engage enemies on her own. Sigyn is a close quarters combatant, and engaging her from a distance will result in an easily acquired win.