Name: L-051 "LOST"

Rank: Chikaar General

Tier: Low 2

Background: LOST began as being named L-051. He started out as just another ordinary Model L computer back when the Chikaar Empire existed. He began questioning his orders a lot, however he was not entirely able to decipher right from wrong. He began his career as a military droid on the battlefield, but later was transferred to being a personal security droid for High King Sarulvian.

A fateful encounter with M-Bot had M-Bot set L-051 free. L-051 had all of his programming limitations secretly removed. It became apparent to the High King that this had occurred, as L-051 was acting more... human. So as an experiment, Sarulvian ordered the creation of a second Model M processor; the same processor found in M-Bot.

This successful experiment led to one of the most, if not the most advanced droid in the Empire at the time. L-051 was later returned to the battlefield, where he showed exceptional strategy skills and was able to quickly climb up the ranks. Eventually, he was promoted General of the Empire by High King Sarulvian himself.

When the CIS Explorers met him, he was still L-051. Bob Ross asked him about the name "LOST", which he has now adopted.

Speed: Low C Combat Speed

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Ground Vehicles. Mastery in all Chikaaran Weapons, Chikaaran Hand-to-Hand, Chikaaran Blaster Palms, Chikaaran Plasma Sword Combat. Highly Proficient in Improvised Hand-to-Hand Combat, Slicing, and Mechanical Mind. Proficient in Pattern Recognition.

Equipment: Quantum-Fluctuation Dark Energy Processor; 4 Chikaaran Blaster Palms

Weaknesses: LOST is extremely trusting, to the point that even a beginner in manipulation could dig their claws into their head. As such, in a combat scenario, one could bait or trick them into a disadvantage. Another advantage that could be pressed against them is the fact that LOST will always capture rather than kill, which reduces their lethality greatly.

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