Name: B2 Super Battle Droid

Rank: Battle Droid

Tier: Middle 4

Background: The B2 super battle droid, also known as the B2-Series battle droid, was an upgraded version of the B1-Series battle droid, with superior armament and armour. They were manufactured after the Invasion of Naboo proved the need for stronger droids. B2s were used by the Trade Federation, the Techno Union, and later, on a much larger scale, the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Super battle droids were much stronger than their predecessors, and like the updated B1s used by the Confederacy, they did not require a command system to operate, which gave the droids limited independence. Another improvement was their thick armour casing, which contained their fragile sensors. However, B2s were designed with simple processors, limiting their ability to formulate strategies. As a result, they relied on organic commanders or tactical droids in order to effectively operate. The B2 was much stronger than the B1s, with enough strength to lift a clone trooper off the ground.

Speed: Middle H Combat Speed

Abilities: Beyond Peak Human Strength. Proficient in Explosives.

Perk: They Did Not Watch...

  • For one action per event, a player can use their B2s to hit one enemy with their wrist rockets without fail.

Equipment: Proficient in Dual Arm Laser Cannons and built-in Arm Wrist Rocket.

Weaknesses: The Super Battle Droids are inept without preparation, and the earlier models could be deactivated by destroying the main frame on one of the main ships. They will shut down when battery charge runs out or when hit by an EMP grenade. Their programming is limited to “shoot it until it dies”, so this lack of intelligence can easily be exploited. While the armour can take multiple hits from a blaster, it will instantly fall to a lightsaber. The droid still operated best with a command signal, otherwise, they tended to forget about enemies as soon as they moved out of visual range.

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